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  1. Renee Johnson Fisher

    Seriously: “I would do this (disability) all over again if I knew it would affect this many people. God is glorious.” WOW! Thanks for writing about them, Emily. The world needs to hear more stories of courage in the face of suffering. Beauty is SO more than just skin deep.

  2. Melissa

    WOW…a wonderful inspiring story, I just recently got engaged and this inspires me to keep on thriving in God’s word…thank you for your amazing example and may God keep on blessing you in your marriage.

  3. Olivia

    Praise God! :)

  4. susan

    I don’t find this inspiring. I find it tragic. I question the quote from the judge, and I see this as two lives damaged rather than one. I don’t know if god is using it or if people selling god are using the couple. IF they had been married, it is a different story. His parents and hers should have encouraged her to continue her life, unless they want to portray Christianity as a life where a bride to be jumps on the funeral pyre.

  5. Ivan

    I see a beautiful person. A young woman that has decided to live for her love, to dedicate her life to a boy that will always need her help, in everything, every day. So courageous, so generous, even if so young.
    But I can’t understand where’s any god’s hand in all of this.
    If there was a god, a good god, such things shouldn’t even happen. Faith makes her stronger, so I absolutely won’t blame anyone. But events such these make me be even more sure that there isn’t anyone over there. Or, if he exists, he’s not so good, or so powerful… so, I prefer thinking that he there isn’t at all.
    I hope they’ll be happy, not for god’s will… but for their courage.

    1. Michael Coughlin

      Tell us Ivan, how do you define “good” without God?

      Only God defines what is good. He is the only way we know what goodness is.

      Only Jesus Christ was a good man. He was the only perfect man, but being fully God, He was able to pay for others’ sins.

      He did this by suffering His Father’s wrath on the cross, then defeating death by rising again 3 days after his death and burial.

      Forgiveness of YOUR sins – your lack of goodness – is offered freely by trusting Him as your Savior, but admitting the utter uselessness of your good works and relying on Christ alone and His Righteousness.

      Think about my original question, how do you define Good without God? You can’t. The fact that you know right from wrong is evidence you already know there is a God. The question is – will you repent and trust in the ONLY what He has provided for forgiveness?

  6. Susan

    Yall are an amazing godly couple. Thanks for touching my life today. May god bless always and forever. With love…

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