Top 5 Phrases Every Man Needs to Hear

Every man desires to know just how much they are appreciated and how well we think they are doing. I mean let’s be real, don’t we want a little praise every now and again ourselves? The thing is when talking to women who have been married for some time several have told me they didn’t realize in the beginning just how much building up their man needed. They felt like he is a man and can hold it all together by himself. In reality they learned quickly just how vulnerable their guys were!

Let’s face it. Our men work hard to provide for us, yet they may be faced with situations that make them questions their abilities or skills. Man was given woman to be his partner and to support him. I completely believe a part of that is building up our men! To help them to go into their day with confidence. And truth is no one plays as critical of a role as we do when it comes to doing just that.

No matter if your husband’s Love Language is Words of Affirmations or not your man does desire to hear these phrases!

“You are the best man for me!”

Let him know you are so blessed to be his wife. That you truly believe he is the best match for you. That he makes you a better person. That you couldn’t imagine life without him.

“I respect your thoughts and decisions!”

Let him know you appreciate his guidance. You trust in his choices. That you know he makes the best choices that he can with the information that he has. Praise him for his unique thoughts.

“You do such a great job providing for me/our family!”

Let him know you appreciate his protection. You know that he puts time and energy into providing. That you are grateful for his consistent actions.

“You have wonderful talent!”

Let him know you see his great ability. That you support him. Encourage him to pursue it when he doesn’t know if he should. Able him to use his talents as blessings to others.

“Your hard work is paying off!”

Let him know you see his progression. That you see him advancing. Tell him you admire the fact that he wants to continue to grow. Praise him for his hard work.

Not only are we to tell our husbands’ these things, but we are to tell them often. Get creative! Change the verbiage or how you get the message to him. Build your man up and see a difference not only in him, but in your whole family!

What is a phrase your man needs to hear often?

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