Articles by Marty Trammell and Rich Rollins

Marty Trammell, PhD. is the co-author of Redeeming Relationships and Spiritual Fitness. He has written for several publishing houses and serves at Corban University and Valley Baptist Church. Marty lives in Salem, Oregon with his wife, and best friend, Linda. They enjoy hanging out with their three sons and two daughters-in-law. Rich Rollins, D.Min. is the co-author of Redeeming Relationships (featured on Family Life with Dennis Rainey) and Spiritual Fitness. Rich has served as the Executive Pastor of Valley Bible Church and written for Focus on the Family and Truth for Today. Rich and his wife, LouAnna, have two daughters and sons-in-law and enjoy jazz, reading, and camping in beautiful northern California.

Working Through Unreal Expectations

Each of us has expectations that help us formulate and identify satisfaction in our relationships. Bosses have lists for employees; employees have lists for their bosses; friends carry lists for each other, as do husbands for wives and wives for husbands. Expectations come from experiences, friends, value systems, families, cultures, churches, the Bible, and our…


Epic Kiss

Traveling home from the premier of Captain America, our usually quiet, chick-flick inspired daughter-in-law, actually had something to say about the man flick. “Here’s the question of the day” she began. [spoiler alert] “Would Captain America have defeated the Red Skull without Peggy’s kiss?”  “Nope,” my oldest, her husband, injected. “Everything’s about the kiss to…

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