Your Smartest Choice as a Wife: See Him Through God’s Eyes

How do you see your husband? What do you see in him? What do you hope for him?

Do you look at him and see your personal need meeter? bill payer? listener?

When he speaks to you, do you hear his interests? his hopes and dreams?

When you hope for something for your husband, is it that he will change, be more ______, or less ______? Do you hope for a better job for him? Do wish he could be a better ________?

Do you think about him the way your mom thinks of your dad? Have you usurped her “these characteristics = good husband” mindset? What about your married girl friends? Have you decided a husband is who your friend says her husband is?

I hate to admit it, but the man I married has been the victim of comparison and my imagination. Shame on me! I married a unique person, one of God’s unrepeated masterpieces. I chose the multi-dimensional artwork. I said “I do” to enjoying this incredible creation for the rest of my life.

Who does God say your husband is?

Because of Jesus’ sacrificial life, unthinkable death and life-changing resurrection, your husband is a work in progress. He’s not perfect. But he has been rescued from slavery to a sin-filled life. When he said yes to Jesus, he became a royal subject of the King of the Universe. You are married to royalty!

Perhaps he is not acting like royalty. That does not matter. Your husband is not the sum total of his actions. Your husband is the desire of God’s heart. He is precious and honored in God’s sight (Isaiah 43:4). His value is priceless in God’s eyes.

Saying yes to marriage is saying yes to being a minister of the gospel to your husband. You and I are called to be ministers of reconciliation. In 2 Corinthians 5:11-21, Paul tells us to stop viewing others from a human point of view. Are you viewing your husband from a human point of view or from God’s point of view? Are your thoughts about him and hopes for him God’s thoughts and plans? Are your words, your tone of voice, your body language and facial expressions reflecting to your husband what God says is true of him?

You have incredible influence in your husband’s life. As you interact with him, you are holding up a mirror to him. You are communicating his great value or you are telling him he is not enough.

Do you see this man you married as lacking? Or with eyes of faith, do you see that he is a human container of the Holy Spirit of the living God?

God’s perspective will make all the difference in your marriage. He is able to impart His thoughts about your Mr. Forever to you. Invite Him to fill your mind with His delight in and for your husband.

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Jennifer O. White knows God will do more than we can ask or imagine in our marriages. After one failed marriage and one saved by God, she is writing and speaking to encourage women to know Jesus as the Savior of marriages. She blogs at Prayerfully Speaking and is the author of Prayers for New Brides: Putting on the Armor after the Wedding Dress . She offers Marriage Armor for the #PrayingBride at

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