4 responses to “Thoughts on World AIDS Day”

  1. Bethany Turner

    This is a good reminder for all. Jesus was not afraid to be with the people the religious people considered “sinners” and “dirty.”

  2. Joe Stewart

    Hello Shannon,after staring at the screen for a few moments,thinking of all the things I wanted to say about AIDS and how it relates to me personally,I made the decision to open up my heart and tell you what it’s like living with AIDS.I’ve been hiv positive for 16 years and I’ve seen first hand what it does to a person,their families and friends.I almost lost my life in 1995 due to pneumonia,and right before what I thought would be the (end of my life),I cried out to JESUS and HE answered my prayer! Soon after that I was rushed to the hospital,(anouther story) and spent the next 5 days in intensive care,where I soon learned that I had this disease.Three months later I got meningitus and three months later I got it again and after a 38 day stay in the hospital,I lost 60% of my hearing in my right ear and 35% in my left ear and almost went blind.After a few more problems,I was able to get some new drugs,(july,2007)and began to see some great results! Today I’m healthy,active in and out of church,(head deacon,adult bible study teacher and part of a prison ministry.But one thing I still lack to give this story a happy ending.I’ve been divorced for 23 years,and my tv is my only companion at home.I so much want to be married again,but being financially unable to support myself and a wife and having this disease makes life kinda like it was for the apostle John,shipwrecked on an island,all alone! Do you have any comments that might offer some hope to this lonely soul? I do trust in my LORD and I’m not complaining about the (extended life) He has given me! If I spend the rest of it without a wife,I know HE is always with me and cares for me so much.Just thought I’d give you a first hand look at what World Aids Day means to me! Thanks for listening and caring,Joe

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