Aaron Broyles

Aaron Broyles is an entrepreneur, speaker and author of Do Great Things. He has launched several start-up companies and has grown them into multi-million dollar organizations, and he currently owns, manages and sells businesses in many different industries including software development, rail and transportation, technology consulting, fitness, and sales training. Aaron is happily married to his wife, Angie, and they have four wonderful children.

Abby Kelly

Abby Kelly is a blogger, personal trainer, partner in Moms Who TRI, a journaler and a dog owner. She currently lives in Northern Virginia with her military officer husband. She writes on cultural, personal and relational lies that destroy women's lives and seeks to share the truth, hope and love of Jesus Christ.

Alethea Williamson

Alethea Williamson lives in Chicago with her husband and two daughters where in addition to being a pastor's wife, she serves as web and social media liaison for authors and other personalities. Her passion is to encourage women through transparent, honest, and "real-life" reflections by writing about everyday life, faith, hope, and love. You can find Alethea writing at her blog beyondchocolate, contributing on Dancing With The One You Love, and tweeting @aletheaann.

Amber Spallino

Amber Spallino is the wife of a church planter, mom, photographer, blogger, and most importantly a person transformed by the love and grace of God. She has her M.A. in Women's Studies and calls D.C. home. She loves good coffee, her crock pot, and the fact that she can iron just about anything in the dryer. She is passionate about learning from God's Word and applying it to everyday life. To read more from Amber, check out her blog or Twitter.

Amy Gannett

Amy Gannett is a Bible teacher, writer, and chronic theology student who writes about everyday theology for everyday Christians. To read more from her, check out her blog and follow her on Twitter.

Amy VanSlocum

Amy VanSlocum grew up in rural Alaska 100 miles from the nearest stop light, McDonald's and movie theater. She has lived in Michigan, Montana, New York and has finally settled in northern Colorado. She graduated from Calvin College in 2008 with a degree in elementary education and earned her graduate degree in library science. Amy and her husband, Justin, embarked on their latest adventure, parenthood, in the summer of 2014. In their spare time, the VanSlocum family heads to the mountains to hike or ski.

Ana Nichols

Ana is currently an English major, recently married to her wonderful husband, Malik! She is passionate about woman's ministry and hopes to inspire and encourage women to grow in the Lord and become all He desires for them to be. She feels called to writing and sharing her experiences on her journey with the Lord.

Andrew Mercer

Andrew is a committed Christian as well as a licensed therapist practicing out of Northbrook, Illinois at the Center for Christian Life Enrichment. He has a passion for helping clients live in the full abundance that God intended, and regards honesty and truth as valuable principles in forming close relationships. When he’s not working, you can find Andrew running, reading, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. For more information about Andrew, visit his website.

Arlene Pellicane

Arlene Pellicane is a speaker and author of Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World (co-authored with Gary Chapman), 31 Days to a Happy Husband, and 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife. She has been featured on the Today Show, Fox & Friends, Family Life Today, Focus on the Family, K-LOVE, The Better Show, The 700 Club, Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah, and TLC’s Home Made Simple. Arlene earned her BA from Biola University and her Masters in Journalism from Regent University. She lives in San Diego with her husband James and three children. Visit Arlene at for free family resources including a monthly Happy Home podcast.

Ashleigh Slater

Ashleigh Slater is the author of the book, Team Us: Marriage Together (Moody Publishers). As the founder and editor of the webzine Ungrind and a regular contributor at several popular blogs and websites, she unites the power of a good story with biblical truth and practical application to encourage couples. She has 20 years of writing experience and a master’s degree in communication. Ashleigh lives in Atlanta with her husband Ted and four daughters. To learn more, visit

Ashley McIlwain

Ashley McIlwain, M.A., is a Marriage and Family Therapist, speaker, and writer. She is the founder and C.E.O. of the non-profit organization, Foundation Restoration, and blog, which are comprehensive resources committed to restoring the very foundation of society - marriage. She is committed to and passionate about helping relationships thrive. Ashley holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University. Ashley previously served as Managing Editor for where she helped launch and develop the website into a hub for premarital preparation. Currently she and her husband, Steve, reside in Southern California.

Audrey Smith

I'm a wife, mom, born-and-raised Tennesseean, podcaster, and visual brander for small churches.

Benjamin Deu

Benjamin Deu is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Seattle Christian Counseling. He and his wife have been married for over 20 years and have two wonderful children. His diverse experiences, including theological studies, mental health training, missionary travel, and cross-cultural marriage, enable him to understand both the complexities and blessings of living in relationship with others. Learn more about Benjamin and Seattle Christian Counseling at or on Facebook.

Bethany Brittenham

Bethany Brittenham is a graduate of The University of Northern Colorado with a major in Communication. She is a stay at home mom and lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband of 6 years. They were unexpectedly blessed with three children within 4 years, which has kept them on their toes. Bethany has a deep desire to have a strong marriage. She believes a good marriage is a reflection of Christ's love for his believers.

Bethany Stutzman

Bethany Stutzman is a registered nurse who grew up on the mission field in Colombia, South America. Her exposure to the third world has fostered a love in her to serve people in underdeveloped nations and she has been blessed with many opportunities to do so. She recently left her job working for a nonprofit organization whose goal is to provide free healthcare in developing countries to get married, follow her husband to Ireland and pursue an advanced degree in her career. While she is in Ireland, she hopes to continue with her hearts desire of serving people through writing and blogging.

Beverly and Tom Rodgers

Beverly and Tom have been Christian counselors for over 30 years. They own and operate Rodgers Christian Counseling and the Institute for Soul Healing Love in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both have their PhD’s in Clinical Christian Counseling. Together they have written four books: Soul Healing Love, Adult Children of Divorced Parents, The Singlehood Phenomenon: Ten Reasons Singles Aren’t Getting Married and Becoming a Family That Heals published by Focus on the Family. They have spoken at AACC for the past 12 years and appeared on the shows—A Time for Hope, His Side Her Side, The American Family, Marriage Uncensored and Focus on the Family. Bev and Tom have also been featured speakers on NPR and the BBC. Together they facilitate relationship workshops for couples, singles and families worldwide. They have been married for over 30 years and have two grown daughters.

Bronwyn Lea

Bronwyn Lea loves Jesus, writing, ice-cream and the sound of her children laughing. She writes about the holy and hilarious things in life at, where she also hosts a faith and relationship advice column. Find her there, or follow her on Facebook or on Twitter.

Bryan Van Slyke

Bryan is the author and founder of He is dedicated to assisting men in building better marriages, helping men grow in maturity and exploring different aspects of manhood. features new weekly blog posts, daily social media updates and a free 30 Day Challenge E-book.You can stay up to date with the Manturity Blog communities on Facebook and Twitter.

Caleb Mitchell

Caleb is a licensed therapist in Phoenix, Arizona. Since completing his MDiv and MAC at Covenant Theological Seminary in 2003, Caleb has worked in inpatient, residential, and outpatient settings with adolescents and adults struggling with a myriad of issues such as eating disorders, sexual addictions, marriage issues, domestic violence, sexual identity issues, depression, anxiety, and trauma. He has taught at the graduate level and has spoken nationally on the intersection of theology and psychology. Caleb is the proud father of two spunky, energetic girls and is lucky to be married to his best friend and wife, Elisa, who co-counsels premarital couples with him. When he can find the time, Caleb enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his family, building furniture, watching a diverse array of movies, drinking good coffee, and reading books of all genres.

Ryan and Heather Carboneau

Ryan & Heather Carboneau believe in the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ and the life-changing power of relationships. They are a deep and authentic couple who have been trained in Spiritual Direction by Dr. Larry Crabb. The Carboneaus live and breathe to have ‘conversations that matter’. They also believe in making their mess, their ministry. Ryan and Heather have served as missionaries for 6 years, pre-marital counselors for 8 years, and as executive assistants for many different organizations. Ryan is an ordained pastor and is currently working on his PhD in Professional Counseling and Heather is a stylist and currently travels as the relationship coordinator with the Extraordinary Women conference team. They have been married for 13 years and reside in Forest, VA with their two daughters, Faith and Eden

Chris Garner

Chris Garner founded and leads Fortified Marriages Ministry, working full-time in the ministry for the past 11 years. With his wife of 36 years, he has been involved in marriage ministry for the past 25 years, counseling, leading small groups, mentoring couples and training couples to minister to other couples. Chris earned a Marriage & Family Therapy Master’s degree from Liberty University, is an AACC Board Certified Christian Counselor and wrote the Fortified Marriages Marriage Manual and Workbook, published in 2006 and updated and revised in 2017. More information can be found at

Christina Gibson

Christina is a twenty-something lifestyle blogger enjoying life as a wife, employee, student, writer and daughter of Christ. She holds a BA in Political Science and Philosophy from Northeastern University and is currently pursuing a MS in Labor Relations and Human Resources at the University of Rhode Island. You can follow her everyday laughs, struggles and lessons learned at her blog: Behind Butterfly Eyes.

Christina Martingano

Christina is a middle school English teacher from Staten Island, New York. She currently teaches at an inner city school in Brooklyn and freelance writes for retiree associations and public relations firms in New York. She has been involved in the absence ministry and is active in her church.

Christina Michelle

Christina Michelle is a blogger, newlywed, and special education teacher. She is also spoken word artist who is passionate about encouraging others to build Christ-centered relationships. Christina and her husband, Alex, currently live in Chicago where he is completing a M.A. in divinity and she enjoys exploring eateries throughout the city. You can follow Christina on her blog, Instagram, and Pinterest where she honestly writes and captures moments about the joys and misadventures of married life.

Clarissa Sidhom

Clarissa Sidhom was saved from a childhood of abuse and insecurity, and now she’s passionate about helping women become authentic Christ-followers who use their life story for God’s glory! She’s been married to a pastor for 10 years and has two boys. Read more at her blog, Modern Hipster Mama, and join her on Instagram.

Danielle Ayers Jones

Danielle Ayers Jones has been a contributing writer for the online magazine, Ungrind, and has written for Thriving Family, Clubhouse, Jr., Radiant, and Relevant. She also combines her love of writing and photography on her blog, It’s a space where she seeks to find beauty in everyday places, joy in hardship, and encouragement in unexpected places. Danielle currently lives in Maryland with her husband and three children. You can follow her on Twitter @daniajones.

Danielle Butler

Jonathan and Danielle dated for 4 years before marrying in October of 2010. She serves as a middle school business education teacher. Danielle and her husband are active in the youth ministry and teach Sunday school at their church. As a couple they love to work out together and travel. Starting a family in the near future is in the plans—whenever the Lord decides to bless them with baby Butler. To find out more about Danielle, visit her website.

David Clarke

David Clarke, Ph.D., is a Christian psychologist, popular speaker, and the author of ten books, including Kiss Me Like You Mean It, I Don't Love You Anymore, and Married But Lonely. He is married to Sandy and they have four children. Check out his books, seminars, marriage blog, and email and phone advice services at:

Deborah Hightower

Deborah is co-writer of the best-selling book, The Secret to Winning BIG, and has been featured in the likes of Forbes, CNBC, FOX, NBC, ABC, and the Wall Street Journal. She is an award-winning financial consultant and helps couples take control of their money life. INC. Magazine named her as one of America's Trendsetters in Health, Wealth and Success and she has been named one of America's Premier Experts. Find out more and follow her on social media at

Diana Palka

Diana Palka is a Charlotte-based writer, runner, lover of words and life-long learner. She has a passion for brave vulnerability that exposes the ugliest of impurities in the light of His perfecting grace. You can read more of her writing on her blog, On The Heights or at the Good Men Project where she serves as the Associate Editor for Education, Humor and Gender.

Dorothy Greco

Dorothy Littell Greco spends her days writing about faith, encouraging others as they pursue Jesus, making photographs of beautiful things, and trying to love her family well. You can find more of her Words & Images on her website, or by following her on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Dorothy's first book Making Marriage Beautiful is now available.

Jennifer Thomas

Dr. Jennifer M. Thomas helps people know what to say when communication proves challenging. She is a bestselling author, speaker, and psychologist with a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Maryland and a BA in psychology and religion from the University of Virginia. Jennifer and her husband live in North Carolina and have three cute, noisy children. If you would like to learn more about Jennifer, visit her website where you can subscribe to her free monthly e-newsletter.

Dr. Tony Evans

Dr. Evans is the president of The Urban Alternative, a national ministry dedicated to restoring hope through the sound teaching of the Word of God. Dr. Evans also serves as senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas. He is the author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies (including For Married Women Only, For Married Men Only, and Marriage Matters) and his radio program, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, is heard on more than 1,000 stations every day. For more information visit:

Emily Beth Leathers

Emily Beth Leathers is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Homemaking at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is the Senior Intern at the Horner Homemaking House. Emily Beth has a passion for the home and family, more specifically seeing the home be a sacred refuge from the world. She loves thrifting on rainy days, writing encouragement notes, attemping calligraphy, taking pictures for Instagram, crafting, baking, writing, and living life with her bearded man. Find out more about Emily Beth at her blog.

Emily Gehman

Emily Gehman is a Storytelling Coach by day, freelance writer by night, and follower of Jesus at all hours. She works with AUHENTIK Magazine, writes at and tweets @emilygehman. Emily has eight nieces and nephews and is in a long-term relationship with her dog, Rockwell.

Emily Rose Massey

Emily Rose Massey is the author of Yielded in His Hands (eLectio Publishing, 2015), a true story of a life delivered from the mire and filthy pit and bondage of sexual sin and molded into a vessel for the Lord to flow through to reach others for His Kingdom. She and her husband are both active leaders in many areas of ministry, including worship ministry, drama ministry, prayer ministry, and youth ministry. In addition to teaching and preaching the Word of God, Emily also pours out her passion for the Lord through her songwriting. Her songs spring forth out of a forgiven heart full of thankfulness and devotion unto God. Believing she has been forgiven of much, she loves much, and desires to point others to Christ and His redemptive and transforming power. To connect with or learn more about Emily, visit

Erika Bain

Recently married to the love of her life, Erika Bain has a passion for helping others live a life that sparkles from the inside out with the light of Jesus. She has a passion for showing women that there is life after divorce, there is redemption found in God’s grace, and when a relationship is ordained by God, it is the greatest gift. An actress, singer, worship leader, and musician with a degree in Music Education from Hofstra University, and a Masters degree in Literature and Writing, Erika Bain has operated a non-profit community theater for the last seven years which has brought many people healing through The Arts. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Erika now lives in North Carolina with her new husband Steven, and her son Asher. You can find her website linked below, where she writes about creating a life that is full of faith, grace, and elegance.

Erin Davis

ERIN DAVIS is the founder of Graffiti Ministries, an organization dedicated to addressing the issues of identity, worth, and true beauty in the lives of young women. A popular speaker, author and blogger, Erin has addressed women of all ages nationwide and is passionately committed to sharing God's Truth with others. She is the author of several books including Graffiti: Learning to See the Art in Ourselves, True Princess: Embracing Humility in an All About Me World, The Bare Facts with Josh McDowell and the Lies Young Women Believe Companion Guide with Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Dannah Gresh. Her latest project, "Beyond Bath Time: Re-imagining Motherhood as a Sacred Role" is set to release in April 2012. Erin and her husband, Jason work with youth and families at their church in Southwest Missouri. They are the parents of two adorable boys, Eli and Noble.

Featured Guest

Here you will find guest contributors . . . or those who once contributed regularly, but no longer contribute to the website in an on-going manner.

F.E. Verdick

F.E. Verdick, a graduate of Liberty University, lives in Southern California and loves avocados, sunshine, and serving her Savior. Currently, she teaches dance to over one hundred students and is working on her second book. Connect with Felicia on her blog or on Facebook, she would love to hear from you!

Gary Chapman

Gary Chapman, PhD, is the author of the bestselling 5 Love Languages® series, which has sold more than 8 million worldwide and has been translated into over 40 languages. Dr. Chapman travels the world presenting seminars on marriage, family, and relationships, and his radio programs air on more than 400 stations. He lives in North Carolina with his wife, Karolyn. For more information visit

Gary Lovejoy

Dr. Gary Lovejoy has, for over 34 years, conducted his private counseling practice where he has extensive experience serving individuals, couples, and families. He continues an active private practice with Valley View Counseling Services, LLC in Portland, Oregon, of which he is the founder. Dr. Lovejoy was a professor of both psychology and religion at Mt. Hood Community College for 32 years. He earned a master’s degree in religious education from Fuller Theological Seminary as well as a master’s in psychology at California State University, Los Angeles, and completed his doctorate in psychology while attending the United States International University. Dr. Lovejoy has conducted numerous seminars on depression and been the keynote speaker at many family camps, couple’s retreats and college conferences. Dr. Lovejoy and his wife, Sue, have two adult children. He is co-author of Light on the Fringe: Finding Hope in the Darkness of Depression.

Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas is author of many books on spirituality and the family life. His most recent book is A Lifelong Love: What If Marriage Is About More Than Just Staying Together? You can follow his blog at

Georgia Shaffer

Georgia Shaffer is a licensed psychologist, relationship coach, and the author of How Not to Date a Loser: A Guide to Making Smart Choices as well as Taking Out Your Emotional Trash: Face Your Feelings and Build Healthy Relationships. She speaks frequently about relationships and does relationship coaching for singles. If you are wondering whether your current relationship is a healthy one, take the "Dump Your Junk" free quiz (under free resources at For information about Georgia, visit her website or contact her by email.

Glenn Stanton

Glenn T. Stanton is the author of the upcoming book, The Ring Makes All the Difference: The Hidden Consequences of Cohabitation and the Strong Benefits of Marriage (Moody, 2011). He is a leading family researcher as the Director for Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs and debates and lectures extensively on the issues of gender, sexuality, marriage and parenting at universities and churches around the country. He served the George W. Bush administration for many years as a consultant on increasing fatherhood involvement in the Head Start program and is a regular columnist at National Review Online and Boundless. He and his wife have five endlessly growing children and they live in the shadow of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Grace Dellis

Grace is a stay-at-home mom and freelance content creator. She and her husband live in Sydney, Australia with their son, Teddy. Grace is passionate about writing articles and studies that engage people with the beauty of the Gospel and remind them of the importance of theology. She holds a degree in Rhetoric and has previously interned with International Justice Mission, where she developed a passion for sharing about Jesus through online channels; she has experience writing Bible studies and devotionals for churches and non-profits. You can find her on Facebook, or read her weekly devotionals on Instagram.

Hannah Farver

Hannah Farver is a college student and writer from Dallas, who currently studies at Patrick Henry College. She is the author of Uncompromising: A Heart Claimed By a Radical Love (Moody Publishers, 2011). She also works as Promotions Manager at Hope for Orphans and blogs about life in general.

Hannah Nitz

Hannah Nitz is the Communications Coordinator with Authentic Intimacy, a women’s media ministry focused on intimacy in marriage and intimacy with Christ. Hannah and her husband Caleb have been married 3 years and love working with other young couples to celebrate the challenges and joys that marriage brings. Hannah loves cooking big meals from scratch, watching football, and challenging other women to grow in Christ. Follow her work on Authentic Intimacy’s Twitter and Facebook.

Jacky Hicks

Jacky has been a wife for over a decade and is now also the mother of two baby girls. She worked for 7 years in two different classical Christian schools, first teaching in the elementary grades and then shifting to upper school literature and logic, before retiring to take up motherhood full time. She is passionate about Christ and bringing His Truth to bear on our lives, especially in the context of Christian marriage and family. You can read more of Jacky's work at her blog.

Jaimie Bowman

Jaimie Bowman is a pastor's wife, speaker and writer who lives in Southern California. She loves speaking truth and grace into people's lives and helping them find their unique purpose. Together with her husband and two sons (ages 6 and 8), you can often find them trying to find new places to explore. You can find out more about her at and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

Jen Bradley

Jen Bradley is a farmer's daughter, devoted wife, friend and mother to two little boys. She says God has seen her through many ups and downs of marriage in a few short years. From family conflicts to infertility, illness to adoption, and pregnancy to balancing it all, she feels drawn to help others know that they are not alone. Jen has learned that with God's grace and strong, Christian support, the trials make the blessings even more blessed. Jen writes from East Troy, Wisconsin, and is owner of Bradley Bylines. Her portfolio can be found at

Jennifer Roos

Jennifer Roos has a passionate pursuit in life—to fully surrender herself to God’s agenda. While learning to live this out in a real world with real issues, she shares her experience to inspire women of all ages to free their faith and be bold in their pursuit of Godliness. Jennifer has served as a Secondary English teacher in both Christian and secular private schools, an International Academic Advisor at a University in New York and a Missionary working short term in over 30 countries. But... none of those roles were nearly as challenging as the one she's in now; wife and stay at home mom. She currently lives in Chicago with her husband, Wouter and two children, Makaio and Mikayla. Jennifer blogs at She is also a contributor at Unveiled Wife.

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer married her best friend Aaron in January of 2007. Her passion for missions, writing, and marriage led her to create Unveiled Wife, where she blogs about being a wife with every intention to inspire other wives to develop God-centered marriages. Jennifer is the author of Wife After God and The Unveiled Wife. You can find Jennifer on Twitter and join the Unveiled Wife Community on Facebook.

Jeremiah Krieger

Jeremiah Krieger serves the local church by helping people apply Biblical teaching to their everyday lives. For the past seven years he has participated, launched, and helped lead young married small groups in Virginia and Texas. Jeremiah earned his Master's in Theology with an emphasis in Pastoral Ministries from Dallas Theological Seminary. He and his wife Samantha have been married for seven years and have three children and a baby boy due in July. Visit Jeremiah's blog for more information.

Jess MacCallum

Jess MacCallum is a business owner, writer and the often-challenged husband of a Proverbs 31 type woman. He is the executive VP of Professional Printers, while Anne home-schools and leads worship; has 3 CDs of original music and runs ultra-marathons in her spare time. They have been married over 23 years, and have three children. Jess has a BA in art (magna cum laude) from the University of South Carolina, where he spent four years training with the Navigators, and has been involved in a variety of ministries for over 30 years.For more information on Jess, you’re invited to visit his personal site: There you can read excerpts, reviews, his bio and link to interviews. For more information about Jess' books, visit Standard Publishing.

Jessica Drew

Jessica Drew is a reporter for a small-town newspaper in southwest Missouri. When she's not busy getting the scoop and meeting deadlines, Jessica writes for, a blog she created with her husband, Michael, which provides a biblical look at preparing for marriage. Jessica has a passion for mentoring young women and works as a youth coach and Sunday school teacher at her church. Jessica and Michael were married on April 21, 2012.

Jocelyn Green

Jocelyn Green is an award-winning author and freelance writer. A former military wife, she authored, along with contributing writers, Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives and Faith Deployed . . . Again: More Daily Encouragement for Military Wives. Jocelyn also co-authored of Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq & Afghanistan, and Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front, which inspired her first novel, a Civil War historical called Wedded to War. She loves Mexican food, Broadway musicals, Toblerone chocolate bars, the color red, and reading on her patio. Jocelyn lives with her husband Rob and two small children in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Visit her at and

Joe Wickman

Joe lives in upstate, NY with his wife and four daughters. He is a pastor at New Life Ministries, the church he grew up in. After 15 years of marriage and ministry, he's passionate about helping others navigate the challenges of life through a strong connection with God. For more information, visit Joe's blog.

Joshua Straub

Joshua Straub, Ph.D. is an author, speaker, family advocate and professor of child psychology. He is the president and cofounder of The Connextion Group, a company designed to empower parents, spouses and families. Josh speaks and writes on emotionally safe parents and spouses and the influence of technology on today's family. He is the author of Safe House: How Emotional Safety is the Key to Raising Kids Who Live, Love, and Lead Well (October 2015, Waterbrook Multnomah), and along with his wife Christi, is coauthor and producer of the video series and workbook, The Screen-Balanced Family: Six Secrets to a More Connected Family in the 21st Century. Josh and his Canadian wife Christi reside in Nashville, TN with their son and daughter.

Juli Slattery

Dr. Juli Slattery is a widely known clinical psychologist, author, speaker and broadcast media professional. Her relatable style, commitment to biblical principles, and quick wit have made her a highly sought-after speaker and just enjoyable to be around. Juli is the co-founder of Authentic Intimacy and has written many books, including Finding the Hero In Your Husband, No More Headaches, Beyond the Masquerade, and her newest addition: Passion Pursuit-- A Bible study on sexual intimacy! She and her husband Mike have been married for 19 years. They are raising their three boys in Colorado Springs where Juli can be found playing in the mountains and trying to manage her addiction to soy lattes.

Julie Holly

Writing publicly was a humbling leap of faith for Julie who wrote as a private form of worship, a way to lean-in and draw-near to the Creator. A member of Redbud Writers Guild and blogger, she nurtures the wellspring of life while tackling gritty realities life (and sinful hearts) produce. Her second chance marriage has blessed her with an encouraging husband, two vivacious kids and a loving lab that keep her on her toes. Julie’s hands are spinning many plates: Wife, business partner, mama, teacher, community advocate, outdoor enthusiast and spiritual cheerleader. Visit her at Peacequility, just don't ask what's for dinner!

Justin and Trisha Davis

Justin and Trisha Davis returned to ministry in 2009 following a four year journey of restoration. After successfully planting their first church, Justin had an affair with a staff member, who was also Trisha's best friend. For two months, their marriage was on life support. Over the next several months, the Davis' found grace, love and redemption for their hearts and their marriage. In 2009, they founded RefineUs Ministries, INC in hopes of changing The Church by sharing their story of marriage, ministry, failure and loss. They are bloggers, authors, teachers and Justin is a pastor at Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN, where they reside with their three boys.

Kandace McCorrister

Kandace McCorrister is the co-founder of, a global wedding platform with a mission to teach brides and grooms what LOVE is and at the same time help plan their wedding. Kandace is passionate about marriage, her two little boys, beautiful weddings, and seeing this generation understand the true value and commitment of love. You can visit her website at for more information.

Kate Motaung

Kate Motaung is the author of A Place to Land: A Story of Longing and Belonging (2018), A Start-Up Guide for Online Christian Writers, and Letters to Grief. She is the host of Five Minute Friday, an online community that encourages and equips Christian writers, and owner of Refine Services, a company that offers writing, editing, and digital marketing services. Kate blogs at Heading Home and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@katemotaung).

Kelley Tysinger

Kelley lives in the upstate of South Carolina with her husband and two precious, but very active toddler sons. She has her BA in Psychology and also obtained her Masters Degree in Human Resource Development with a concentration in Counseling from Clemson University. God found her at the early age of 6 in which she is forever grateful. She has loved writing ever since winning a writing contest in second grade and recently felt God calling her to pursue writing more seriously. She has written several articles and her dream is to write a book one day. She is a southern girl at heart, but also loves visiting NYC whenever possible. You can connect with Kelley at

Kendra Zickafoose

Kendra Zickafoose is the wife of a really good man and the mom of four beautiful children. Her husband is the CEO of Carpenter Place, a local children's home in Wichita, Kansas, and their family is blessed to live and serve on the campus where he works. In addition to being a stay at home mom, Kendra is a contributing writer for Wichita Moms Blog, and she recently re-enrolled in college after a decade away from the books. Besides marriage and motherhood, Kendra's passions include building community, her faith, and writing words that make a difference. You can follow Kendra on Instagram.

Kitti Murray

Kitti Murray and her husband, Bill, live in a refugee community on the ragged edges of Atlanta, Georgia, that Time magazine called "the most diverse square mile in the nation." She is Mom to four sons and three of their wives. She's Kiki (a much cooler name for Grandmother, almost as cool as her husband’s Grandfather name, Chief) to a growing tribe of grandkids. Decent Writer. Voracious Reader. Slow Distance Runner. Killer Cappuccino Maker. Visit Kitti's blog,

Laura Icardi

Laura Icardi is a freelance writer and editor by day, wife and mom by... well, day (and night). She has contributed to blogs, nonprofit publications, and the esteemed world of twitter (find her @atimetolaugh). Laura is a fan of warm weather and her husband's cooking, and loves to read, write, and spend time outdoors. She and her husband live in Arlington, VA with their two young children. Her husband travels for work, so when she's not pining after him, she's writing about the joys and hilarious missteps of marriage and intimacy. And diapers. Lots of diapers.

Lindsay Blackburn

Lindsay Blackburn is an ordinary Montana girl who loves life and its many wild and crazy adventures. Follow Lindsay on Twitter @ellesbee.

Lindsay Hall

Lindsay Hall is a grounded writer and speaker who champions marriage. Having earned her B.A. in English from Yale University, she created the Christian bride blog The Sweet Christian Bride, which offers her free e-book A Bride's Devotional. Additionally, she has published The Purposed Bride, a wedding guide for the mind, heart, and spirit of a Christian bride. She and her husband, Chris, launched the Young Marrieds ministry at their Los Angeles church. Currently they teach marriage seminars with the international organization The Significant Marriage. They enjoy mentoring, teaching, and encouraging other married couples. Outside of marriage ministry, Lindsay engages in the anti-trafficking movement, and in her free time, she loves to travel, hike, eat good food, and date her incredibly hunky husband. Follow her on Twitter @lindsaythall.

Lindsay Hausch

Lindsay has been married to her hunky pastor husband for almost 8 years. They have two beautiful girls and a weiner dog. She’s a coffee drinking & cupcake loving wordsmith. She loves leading, speaking and inspiring women to love well. Visit her corner of the world at her blog or through her Facebook page.

Lisa Bishop

Lisa Bishop is passionate about relationships that are marked by depth and authenticity and is grateful for the friendships that continue to shape her and help her grow spiritually. As the Director of Women's Small Groups at Park Community Church, located in the heart of Chicago, she equips and encourages women in their pursuit of Gospel transformation. She has a diverse background, from being a corporate leadership development trainer and consultant, to working in new business development and sales management. Her true passion is investing in others as they grow in their relationship with God, themselves and others. Lisa is an adventure seeker (sky diving, Trapeze School, and Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru just to name a few). She loves traveling to different countries, music, and as a total vegetarian “foodie,” she loves having a good meal with friends.

Liwen Ho

Liwen Y. Ho resides in California with her techie husband of more than a dozen years and their inquisitive son and fun-loving daughter. She has a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Seminary and loves makeovers of all kinds, especially those of the heart and mind. She enjoys family beach days, white chocolate macadamia nut ice cream and the beauty of the written word. Learn about her life as a recovering perfectionist at her website or connect on Facebook.

Lizzy Christian

Lizzy Christian is a toddler-chasing, coffee-sipping, firefighter wife, and vacuuming enthusiast who has a passion for writing. She is the founder of the Fire Wife Chronicles, which is geared on topics of motherhood, marriage, first responder family life & faith/hope. Lizzy received her undergrad in Crisis Counseling from Liberty University and her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling – Crisis Response and Trauma from Liberty University’s Graduate School. She is a two-time NYC Marathon finisher and avid runner, and former School Counselor and Athletic Director. Lizzy married her high school sweetheart and together they have a son and a daughter. Visit for additional resources and upcoming projects.

Luke Brasel

Luke Brasel writes about relationships, intimacy, parenting, and Christian spirituality. He is passionate about the intersection of theology and the human heart. He has a counseling practice in Nashville, TN where he helps people follow their pain to understand their story and recover their heart. When he is not counseling, teaching, or writing, he is learning more about life and love from his wife and twin daughters. You can read his blog at and follow him on Twitter.

Lyli Dunbar

A life-long educator and mentor, Lyli Dunbar serves as Associate Director of Curriculum and Chair of the Department of Liberal Arts at Trinity International University Florida. She married her Prince Charming in her 40’s and has a heart for encouraging singles in God’s waiting room and connecting with other couples through a weekly small group in her home. Lyli enjoys traveling with her husband, laughing with good friends, and reading a well-written novel in her free time. Connect with Lyli through her blog at or on Twitter.

Lynette Kittle

Lynette Kittle is married with four daughters. She enjoys writing about faith, marriage, parenting, relationships, and life. Her writing has been published by Focus on the Family, Decision, Today’s Christian Woman,,,,, and more. She has a M.A. in Communication from Regent University and serves as associate producer for Soul Check TV.

Malorie Schneider

Dr. Malorie K. Schneider is a clinical psychologist who loves living and working in sunny south Florida. She is married to her wonderful husband, John. She has two grown children, two grown step-children, two small step-grandsons, and one spunky Hungarian Puli. She has studied at Boise State University and Pacific University, served seven years as an Air Force officer, currently has her own private practice, and her favorite activities involve just about anything outdoors to include running, cycling, kayaking, training her dog, and relaxing at the beach.

Marian Green

Marian Green and her family have recently moved to Bath, Maine, where they are restoring a historic home and developing a renewal center in the Maine wilderness. Marian is co-author of Inviting Intimacy: Overcoming the Lies and Shame, a book in which she shares her healing from promiscuity and discovery of intimacy. You can read more at

Marie Osborne

Marie is a blogger and homemaker. She's married to her best friend and is the mama of an amazing baby boy. She strives to encourage women, especially mothers, in their walk with Jesus. But most of all, she laughs a lot and rather loudly, mostly at herself. Read more from Marie at her blog.

Marty Trammell and Rich Rollins

Marty Trammell, PhD and Rich Rollins, D.Min are the co-authors of Love Lock, Redeeming Relationships, and Spiritual Fitness. They have written for several publishers and teach at Corban University. Marty is the Worship/Family Pastor at Valley Baptist just outside Salem, Oregon where he enjoys camping, kayaking and serving at conferences and couples retreats with his wife, Linda. Rich was also the Executive Pastor at Valley Bible Church and has spoken on several radio programs including Family Life Today. He and his wife, LouAnna, live in Southern California where they enjoy jazz, reading, hiking, and leading bible conferences. Their books are available at and Amazon.

Matt Appling

Matt Appling is a teacher, pastor and writer with Moody Publishers. He and his wife, Cheri, live in Kansas City and are the authors of 'Plus or Minus: Keeping Your Life, Faith and Love Together Through Infertility.' Find Matt at or the book at

Matt Ouellette

Matt Ouellette finds it extremely awkward to write in the third person, but understands the professional nature it can portray. As the youth pastor of Faith EFC in Waterville, Maine, he holds a Bachelors Degree from Boston Baptist College in Biblical Studies with a minor in Education. His witty and contemplative writings (compared to that of Donald Miller) won him a grand prize publishing contract for his soon to be released book, Thoughts That Fell From A Taco Shell (Carmichael Publishing, January 3, 2013). Matt absolutely adores his wife and two daughters and thoroughly enjoys their adventures together. He has found himself to be severely lacking in nearly every area of life and clings to grace with all that he has. Online you can find Matt tweeting on Twitter or writing at his website.

Melissa Gendreau

Melissa is a Christian mental health therapist, wife of ten years, and mommy of two pretty neat kids. As a therapist, Melissa works with couples in all stages of their relationship - from premarital to preparing for retirement together. She also provides parent education as well as helps families navigate family dynamics and adoption issues. Melissa blogs about these various topics, and you can connect with Melissa on her site or her socials.

Melissa Ruff

Melissa Ruff is a thirty-something wife, mother, and blogger. She holds a psychology degree from Ashford University, leads a XXXChurch small group for women and writes a ton! Melissa and her family would not be where they are today without the grace of God. He has shown up, restored hope and built an incredible foundation on him for her marriage and family life! You can read more and follow her at her blog and facebook page in the links below.

Michelle Patel

Michelle Patel is a young Christian wife and mother that loves putting pen to paper on all things love, life and faith. Michelle uses her wisdom gained in navigating her interracial relationship with her childhood sweetheart- now husband, to speak to the deep questions and situations faced in everyday marriage. She has a passion for sharing Jesus through different channels. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and online at her blog.

Miranda Menelaws

Miranda is a Canadian freelance writer. During her spare time, she can be found travelling the globe in search of a new story to tell. To see more of her work, check out her blog.

Monique Chambers

Monique is a writer and a speaker but most importantly, a lover of God’s Word. As an educator by nature, trained in the area of diversity and inclusion, Monique is often found facilitating workshops to create spaces of belonging. Her deepest desire is to lead people to Christ and to help women authentically stand in the truth of God’s Word.

Nancy Houston

Nancy Houston is an author, speaker, sex therapist, leadership and relationship coach, and licensed professional counselor. She is a director for the John Townsend Leadership Program in New York City and the Dallas/Fort Worth area and an adjunct professor and fellow at the Townsend Institute at Concordia University. She has been married to the love of her life since 1974. They have four married sons and eight grandchildren who delight them to no end. She loves to help others live well!

Nancy Pina

Relationship counselor and speaker and author Nancy Pina is dedicated to helping individuals attract emotionally healthy relationships through her practical Christian-based advice. To learn more and schedule an appointment, Visit her website for counseling options.

Noelene Curry

Noelene Curry lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her Irish husband, three daughters, one dog and two rabbits. Noelene is a public speaker and author of God’s Promise for Families and All God's Stones. Her passion in life is for couples, not just to stay married, but to be happily married. She loves reading, walking, traveling and bush camping. You'll find Noelene writing about God’s redeeming love and His ability to restore people and relationships at

Nylse Esahc

Nylse is a Christian Blogger encouraging her readers on the blessings of God's word for any aspect of life. Married for 30 years (I can't believe it!), there seems to be a natural progression to writing about marriage. There are lots of lessons that I don't mind sharing with others. Connect with me on my blog Life Notes Encouragement. Check out my valuable e-book on marriage. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Paul Gibson

Paul is the husband to Tara, father to Natalie and Isaac, has an average jump shot, and enjoys running. His secret wish is to one day become a Jedi Knight. Paul holds a doctorate in marriage and family counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and serves as senior pastor of Harrodsburg Baptist Church. Paul desires to help young couples navigate the early crucibles of marriage, especially when one or both of the spouses are engaged in vocational ministry. You can follow Paul on Twitter or visit his website at

Prescott Williamson

Prescott Williamson is a Bible-believing Christian. He is a husband, a father, and someone who believes that there is a little humor to be found in whatever situation God sends your way. He was born in the small islands of the Bahamas but now lives in the Suburbs of Fort Worth Texas, which is basically the same thing. He enjoys TV, reading, blogging and serving in his church (especially on the days they serve donuts).

Randi Perez Helm

Randi is a wife and a mother of two and lives in the midwest. She is happiest when working on creative projects designed to encourage, inspire and equip others. The process of marriage has fostered a greater dependency and desire to know God. She credits the Lord for giving her husband so much patience and devotion! Randi serves in ministry areas involving worship arts, coaches developing worship leaders and vocalists, writes and blogs at her website.

Rayni Peavy

Rayni Peavy is a writer and speaker who brings a message of hope, freedom and fullness of life. With a passion for healthy relationships, she encourages others to live out the abundant life Jesus offers. Rayni is author of the new book Ten Marriage Lessons From a Semi-Newlywed: Make Your Relationship Come Alive! In her free time Rayni enjoys learning to speak French and exploring new cuisine with her super cute foodie husband. You can find more articles and podcasts at and connect on Twitter and Facebook.

Renee Fisher

Renee Fisher is an author of 10 books, coach and consultant who recently created a full-service creative agency for all things self-publishing. She is passionate about defending dreams and spurring others forward to love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24). #DreamDefender Renee is a graduate of Biola University and lives in Austin, Texas with her handsome husband and their fur child named “Star.”

Ryan Parks

Ryan N. Parks is a God-fearing wife, stepmother, sister, entrepreneur, career development professional, and inspirational blog writer who is passionate about expressing God's love and encouragement through writing. Ryan and her husband reside in Northern Virginia. Ryan loves to travel with her husband, read leadership books and materials, and spend quality time with family and friends. To read more from her, check out her blog and follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Salina Beasley

Salina is grateful to share her marriage story with Start Marriage Right. As a wife, a mother of three, and a singer, Salina offers a glimpse into life as a worship leader with her husband and an advocate for her son with Autism. She is passionate about encouraging dating, engaged, and newlywed couples. For a more in-depth look at her journey, visit

Samantha Krieger

Samantha Krieger is a pastor’s wife, mom, writer and editor in rural Colorado. Through story, personal experience, and biblical insight she is passionate about helping others live out their faith in everyday life and relationships. She has been writing for leading Christian books and magazines for over 12 years and holds a BA in English and Master’s in Religion. Samantha and her husband, Jeremiah, have been married for a decade and have four young children. Samantha writes candidly about marriage, motherhood, and faith at

Samuel Rainey

Samuel Rainey is a professional counselor primarily working with couples, men, and women addressing issues of sexuality, emotional health, relationships, and spirituality. He is the co-Author of So You Want to be a Teenager with Thomas Nelson. He earned his Masters in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology in Seattle, Washington. When he is not roasting coffee, tending to his garden, or playing golf, he blogs about life process, parenting, and relationships at He can also be found on twitter @SamuelRainey. He and his wife reside in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee with their four children.

Scott Kedersha

Scott Kedersha is the Director of Merge, the Premarital Ministry at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas. Scott is married to Kristen, has four boys, and blogs on marriage and premarried relationships at Follow Scott on Twitter @skedersha

Shannon Kim

With a BA in Public Communication and certificate from the Denver Publishing Institute, Shannon has worked in book publishing and ministry. She currently stays home with her son and writes when she has the time. She is grateful for her small group, coffee, the Bible and living by the lake, and she enjoys laughing with her husband and son, finding good taquerias (and then eating there), reading historical fiction, and being outside. An amusing marriage tidbit: while she and her husband enjoy doing many of the same things, like watching 24, they walk at very different paces, which they find both funny and annoying. She lives on Chicago's north side.

Shelley Hendrix

Shelley Hendrix is the author of Why Can't We Just Get Along? as well as other titles. She is a speaker and television talk show host for Atlanta Live on WATC TV 57, and the founder of Church 4 Chicks. Shelley is honored to be married to her best friend, Stephen Hendrix, CADC II, and together, they are raising their two teenage girls and one spunky 10 year old boy. Find out more about Shelley at her website. Connect on Facebook and Twitter.

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie S. Smith is a twentysomething writer, editor, blogger and independent book publicist addicted to print and pixels. After graduating from Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Communications and Women’s Ministry, she now runs her business, (In)dialogue Communications, from her home in Upstate New York where she lives with her husband. She blogs at, about embodied faith, creative life, and millennial culture, and you can follow her on Twitter @stephindialogue.

Susan and Dale Mathis

Susan and Dale Mathis are passionate about helping couples prepare for marriage and for remarriage, since they are a remarried couple themselves. Dale has two master's degrees in counseling and has worked in counseling and human resources for over 30 years. Susan, the founding editor of Thriving Family magazine, has written prolifically for magazines and newspapers and continues to serve as a consultant, freelance editor and writer, and speaker. As a couple they enjoy camping, hiking, biking, and visiting family and friends around the world. Their blended family includes five adult children and three granddaughters. For more information about Susan or Dale, visit their website.

Tami Myer

Tami Myer is an enthusiastic cheerleader for marriage. As a speaker and writer, Tami shares God's design of marriage so that husbands and wives can experience the thriving that God offers them. Tami is the author of Radiance: Secrets to Thriving in Marriage (a book for wives) and Devoted: Pressing In to Know Christ More. She encourages couples at her website MannaForMarriage, and she leads husbands and wives to "fight on their knees" for their marriages through a weekly online/phone prayer call. Through 31 years of marriage, Tami and her husband have found God's design of marriage to be trustworthy. Along with their three children, they make their home in Palm Bay, Florida.

Tarah Avery

Tarah is a entrepreneur, a wife of a songwriter, a dreamer, a coffee lover and a personal blogger. She is obsessed with reading, particularly sci-fi/fantasy/adventure fiction, her favorite author of this genre is Brandon Sanderson. She lives in Denver, CO with her husband and spends her days managing and creating content for her business She believes that true joy and happiness stem from healthy relationships in three areas- relationship with God, with others, and with yourself. To read more about Tarah check out her blog or Facebook page.

Ted Cunningham

Author of Young and in Love, Cunningham is the founding pastor of Woodland Hills Family Church, in Branson, MO. He has co-authored four other books with Dr. Gary Smalley: The Language of Sex, From Anger to Intimacy, As Long As We Both Shall Live and Great Parents, Lousy Lovers. He is a regular guest on Focus on the Family, Life Today and Moody Radio. Cunningham enjoys teaching on marriage and family straight from Scripture. He is a graduate of Liberty University and Dallas Theological Seminary. Having met his wife, Amy, on a blind date at Liberty University, Cunningham determined to marry her that night. Although he didn’t ask her then, she said “yes” to his proposal one year later. Now married for 15 years, they both love taking road trips and boating on Table Rock Lake with their children, Corynn and Carson, near their home. Follow Ted Cunningham on Twitter.

Trudy Simmons

Trudy Simmons has mentored and counseled women and married couples since 2001. With a Ph.D. from Jacksonville Theological Seminary, Trudy is a licensed pastoral counselor and ordained minister. Additionally, Trudy has worked for over 15 years in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer and writer for Women’s Health and Fitness magazine, helping people achieve their personal fitness goals and establish an overall healthy lifestyle. Bringing these attributes and skills together, Trudy is uniquely qualified to train women body, soul and spirit. In addition to her regular speaking engagements, Trudy is a frequent guest on the Dottie Coffman radio show, has spoken nationally at the Pure Women’s conferences and has been a guest on the Friends and Neighbors TV show. Most recently Trudy is the host of her own show called THE DR TRUDY SHOW, where she talks with guests about real life issues and how to overcome them. You can learn more about Trudy at her website at or by following her on Facebook and Twitter.

Tyler Braun

Tyler Braun is a writer and pastor from Oregon. He is the author of Why Holiness Matters: We've Lost Our Away But We Can Find it Again (Moody), which is now on sale for $1.99 (ebook version). You can find Tyler on Twitter or his blog,

Wendy van Eyck

Wendy van Eyck is married to Xylon, who talks non-stop about cycling, and makes her laugh. She writes for anyone who has ever held a loved one’s hand through illness, ever believed in God despite hard circumstances or ever left on a spontaneous 2-week holiday through a foreign land with just a backpack. You can follow Wendy’s story and subscribe to receive her free ebook, “Life, life and more life” at She would also love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter.

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