Why Aren’t You Married?

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Have you ever been asked that question? Yesterday, I overheard a conversation at a church event, “How old are you? Oh and you’re not married yet?” Then came silence and awkward laughter.

I wondered if the woman who was asking those questions left the conversation feeling discouraged. The question is, why does that question sometimes feel discouraging? Often, if we have the desire to be married, it triggers beliefs that aren’t true about God and about ourselves, as well as more questions, like:

  • I’m still single, what’s wrong with me?
  • What do I do with my longing for marriage?
  • Is God ignoring my longing?

In a down-to-earth talk on singleness, Lisa Bishop explores the above questions with biblical truth and addresses the issues of loneliness, longing and discontentment.

Too many singles think our lives don’t start until we’re married…and that’s just not true.”


With a BA in Public Communication and certificate from the Denver Publishing Institute, Shannon has worked in book publishing and ministry. She currently stays home with her son and writes when she has the time. She is grateful for her small group, coffee, the Bible and living by the lake, and she enjoys laughing with her husband and son, finding good taquerias (and then eating there), reading historical fiction, and being outside. An amusing marriage tidbit: while she and her husband enjoy doing many of the same things, like watching 24, they walk at very different paces, which they find both funny and annoying. She lives on Chicago's north side.

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