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Making Decisions

Over 14 years later, I can still remember the day—during our pre-marital counseling—where I got the best marriage advice I ever received. We had just taken our personality inventory, and neither of us had seen it, but the man (we’ll call him Reverend Henry) who was leading our pre-marital counseling had. And he wasn’t impressed….


6 Ways to Make a Decision

In 1999’s Mansfield Park, Fanny Price laments on screen, “I have no talent for certainty.” 

I could never relate. I do have a talent for certainty. I’ve always carried the philosophy that one should make decisions in seconds and then act. If it doesn’t work out, just wait. It will eventually.

 At least, until recently,…


Making the Switch

I am a recovering compulsive people-pleaser. I found out very early on in my engagement that making everyone happy is not only exhausting, it’s impossible. The engagement period is rife with the tension that comes from a messy, awkward transfer of family loyalty. Because before you are married, your parents and siblings are your core…

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