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Bitter or Better Wife

During the past year, my husband and I have been walking through the pain of losing someone we loved dearly. The pastor who was planning to speak at the funeral gathered our immediate family in a room a few days before the service and challenged us in a big way. Through tears he whispered, “Don’t waste…


Befriending Grief

As I was driving into work one morning this past winter, I realized something: I don’t take pictures of the sorrowful parts of my life. Instead, I only take pictures of happy moments. I think this must be true for everyone. Spend 5 minutes looking through Instagram, your digital camera archive, or a regular photo…


Good Grief

When Abby’s engagement abruptly ended, the intense emotional pain she experienced interfered with everything in her life. She had problems focusing at work, she had little energy for friends on the weekends, and she was constantly nagged with questions like, What’s wrong with me?” Even normal seasons of life bring losses that need to be…

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