2 responses to “Why 50/50 Marriages Never Work”

  1. Kenny Roberts

    Selfishness takes the lead in so many marriages because we all want to get our way and never admit fault. Thank you for dispelling the 50/50 myth.

  2. mark lyons

    I’m a 46 year old man who has never been married and has no children. I believe that marriage today is a very, very bad deal for men, for both emotional and financial reasons. I know hundreds of men and women, and almost everybody is either divorced, unhappily married, or non-endingly “working” on their marriage. The harsh truth is this: if your in a marriage that your spouse wants to “work on” then it means only one thing: you married the wrong person. A marriage should be effortlessly happy, it should not require “work” as that word is used today.
    “Effortlessly happy” marriages do exist–my parents had one–but they have become increasingly rare. How do these marriages work? Both spouses are mature, fully grown adults who take their own marital duties, obligations, and responsibilities seriously. Both spouses have compatible personalities and the same values. Both spouses are dedicated to being the most selfless, loyal, loving, and supportive partners that they can be. Both spouses put their partners first–not themselves. Both spouses work on being more selfless in their marriage–they do not work on “fixing” their marriage, or work on “changing” their partner so that their partner will better meet their own selfish needs, wants and desires. I would estimate that probably only 2-5% of contemporary long-term marriages fall into this “effortlessly happy” category. If your LTR, or marriage, is not in this category, then you are with the wrong person–that’s the bottom line. My advice: Never, ever agree to “work” on your LTR, or marriage. Simply dump the person and start looking for the right partner.

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