5 responses to “Introverts and Marriage”

  1. Karthi Masters

    Samuel, thank you for this reminder. I need to care well for the introvert in my marriage. :-) There are so many good things about having him as my “anchor.” Makes me slow down and dig deeper. I’ve learned so much from him-the quality in relationships is everything.

  2. JanMarie

    Thanks for the insight as it fits me right down to every single word. I literally can go weekend after weekend without calling or visiting anyone but I do look forward to the one or two weekends a month that I go visit relatives out of town. I’ve never gotten married because whenever I’m in a relationship with a man, they always think that I’m not interested or not showing them enough attention when I need my “me” time or my “recharging” time so they move on. At some point, I came to expect that they would move on so then I started moving on first until I didn’t even want to try anymore. The thing is, I know this is the case/cycle, but I can’t change it. I can’t even make myself try anymore and honestly, I don’t know if I want to.

  3. just me

    I am getting to know an introvert n I wonder what he will be like if we get together. Do introverts love more deeply than extroverts? He never says much, but he hangs about when I wasn’t feeling well n he major panicked the last time I refused to talk to him over a misunderstanding despite him clarifying himself. N at a camp, he chose the nearest tent possible to the women quarters so he could be near if something happens. But he says so little all the time n expresses himself so little. I’m fairly introverted myself but I’m friendly n it takes a lot of effort to get to know someone like him. I text him a fair bit but he replies only when he really really has something to say. :(( such as me not coming to see him.

  4. just me

    Sorry that profile pic is not me. :(( I am a female. I’m the moderator for a friends website that’s why. :((

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