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10 Fun, Cheap Date Ideas for You and Your Spouse

Christi and I maintain a date night once a week. With little kids, it’s necessary for us to stay connected with one another beyond “business talk” or “kid talk.” However, like most couples, spending money on a babysitter and the date itself can get pretty expensive over time. That’s why we’re creative in what our…

The Psychology of Dating Nerves

Have you ever experienced anxiety, nervousness, or found yourself unusually clumsy around someone you’re interested in? We recently ran across this fun info-graphic that we thought could shed some light on this common dating phenomenon, and better yet, help you overcome worry and stress related to dating. The Psychology of Dating Nerves [Infographic] by the…

You’re Invited to The Not Wedding

Created to promote the greatest local vendors, inspire brides with innovative ideas for their wedding, as well as encourage solid marriages, The NotWedding puts on an exquisite and unique bridal show that simulates the real deal! Bringing together a talented team to make your big day special, the organization also seeks to help equip you…

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