10 Reasons She Didn’t Date You

You told your friends you really didn’t think she was that hot anyway. You might have even said, “It just wasn’t God’s will.” But the fact that she didn’t go out with you sure as heck wasn’t your fault! I mean, who wouldn’t want to go out with a hunk of man like you?! She got issues.

Well, it’s time to stop the excuses and face the facts. Here are the Top Ten reasons you really didn’t get a date with her:

10) You mentioned you could pick her up . . . if your parents let you borrow the car.

9) You were more interested in _________________ than her.

8) You thought her love language was watching you play video games.

7) You introduced yourself to her as Will. God’s Will.

6) You invited her to a nice dinner . . . at Hooters (just for the wings, of course).

5) Your profile picture was taken in front of a mirror in a public restroom.

4) You mentioned your Momma said dating her will do you some good.

3) While asking her out, you answered a text message.

2) You told her she could page you her answer.

1) And the #1 reason — You never asked.


Zack Williamson has a passion to creatively communicate Biblical truths in simple and thought-provoking ways. With twenty plus years in ministry, Zack thrives on being a catalyst for others—helping individuals discover their God-given purpose and potential in publishing and life. He currently serves as pastor of Praise Chapel Chicago, audience development specialist at Moody Publishers, and webmaster for StartMarriageRight.com. Zack enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and writing. He ponders occasionally about what really happened on LOST.

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