Joy & Solidarity in the Midst of Trial

A relationship can be difficult enough to navigate when both people are healthy but what do you do when a chronic illness is in the mix? Illness can bring depression, frustration and isolation, taxing a relationship. But I have discovered that there can also be much joy and solidarity with your spouse even in the midst of trying circumstances.

In this video blog, I talk about my own experience with chronic illness in marriage and also give you seven encouraging tips on how to be an overcomer by partnering with your spouse and with God.


Rayni Peavy is a writer and speaker who brings a message of hope, freedom and fullness of life. With a passion for healthy relationships, she encourages others to live out the abundant life Jesus offers. Rayni is author of the new book Ten Marriage Lessons From a Semi-Newlywed: Make Your Relationship Come Alive! In her free time Rayni enjoys learning to speak French and exploring new cuisine with her super cute foodie husband. You can find more articles and podcasts at and connect on Twitter and Facebook.

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