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Getting Good at Love

We hadn’t been dating long when I popped a question. “How can I show you that I love you better?” I chirped bravely to my boyfriend as we sped down the freeway at sunset. While it wasn’t the question, give me credit: it’s a hard question to ask. Because what if I was bad at love? Indeed, love was nowhere…


Intimacy Gets Good When This Gets Strong

Whether I work with pre-marital couples or couples that have been together for thirty years, I often see one constant challenge when it comes to relationship struggles: communication. I once thought that communication was important so that couples could primarily discuss budgets, dreams, parenting, and sex. Yet, the more I provide counseling and coaching, the…


How Avoid Getting Hit On

I’ve been going the gym again. Now that my baby is old enough to be in the childcare I’ve been soaking up my time alone, and working up those endorphins. One thing I have noticed about my gym is that there are far more men than women. I have quite a few girlfriends who talk…


Love as a Second Language

The last time I wrote, I posed this question: Wouldn’t it be nice if our first inclination was to love our spouse in the way he or she needed to be loved? Let’s probe that a bit deeper. First, wouldn’t if be nice if our first inclination was to love another? Secondly, wouldn’t it be…


Good Intentions Don’t Count

I am doing a Bible study about intentional living. So I wasn’t expecting a verse about marriage to pop off the page. But then I shouldn’t be surprised, God is always intentional about getting our attention so that He can make us more like Jesus. Teach me to number my days, that I may gain…

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