How Avoid Getting Hit On

I’ve been going the gym again. Now that my baby is old enough to be in the childcare I’ve been soaking up my time alone, and working up those endorphins. One thing I have noticed about my gym is that there are far more men than women. I have quite a few girlfriends who talk about getting hit on all the time while they get their sweat on. I avoid these awkward situations like the plague.

Here are a few of my tips on how to avoid any unwanted attention while working out.

  1.  I always wear my wedding ring, and no makeup. I don’t go to the gym to look cute. I usually look like a HOT MESS. I’m sweating, my hair is greasy and I’m huffing and puffing. Vanity is not my priority. I do not wear revealing clothing either. Yes, I wear workout pants that are tight but I don’t show cleavage and I try my hardest to cover my bum. Basically, I’m not trying to look good when I there.
  2. I work out really hard. I don’t just meander around the weight room—dilly dallying from machine to machine. I’m either on the track, the treadmill, the bike for cardio (giving it my all because I only have 60 min) and am noticeably too short of breath to chat.
  3. I try to seclude myself as much as possible. I hate stretching in front of other people. So I do my best to pick a spot that is less crowded to do any sort of weights, ab work, or stretching so that I don’t get a polite “lesson” on better form from somebody.
  4. I avoid eye contact like the plague. This one probably makes me look like the world’s most unsocial woman, but hey, it works. I do my thing, I’m not staring at anybody else and what they are doing. And by avoiding that eye contact, I’m not giving anybody a reason to start chatting with me.
  5. I wear headphones (ear buds). All. The. Time. I never take them out. I turn my music up loud so that way if somebody is working out ridiculously, obnoxiously loud, I can’t hear them. If somebody must speak to me they have to wave or even touch me; and let us be honest, if a man I didn’t know touched me at the gym I would probably punch them him from sheer shock.
  6. I listen to music that is glorifying not self gratifying. If I’m listening to music that is filling my mind with lies about love and sex, then that is what is on my mind. I choose to listen to songs that are uplifting, upbeat and generally speaking, Christian. When my mind, body, and soul are set on our Creator and not on myself, I’m not thinking about me, I’m thinking about Christ. I will even share my favorite list with you here.

The fact of the matter is these are all self defense tactics. I don’t want to be hit on by any other man than my husband. It is dangerous territory. I have heard far too many stories of affairs that started at the gym, with a simple compliment. This has nothing to do with the fact that I think I may have an affair. I have no desire for any other man than the one God created for me. I adore and honor him. There is just no room in my life for any sort of temptation. I don’t want it, and I certainly don’t need affirmation from any other man. I steer my life to avoid any pitfalls that Satan might have in mind for me. I don’t care if this makes me look like a prude.

I am am certainly not blaming affairs on women who speak to men at the gym. An affair is never a one-sided issue; it always takes two. I just refuse to be persuaded by evil into thinking that I need more attention outside of my husband. My list doesn’t mean that I never speak to anybody at the gym. I am not rude or completely closed off. There are quite a few women I will chat with and I’ve even spoken to my pastor there before. It’s just all about safe guarding my life.

To me, it’s common sense. I’m not saying that every woman or man needs to do this. I need to do this. My marriage needs to be safe guarded, and this is one way I can take control.

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Bethany Brittenham is a graduate of The University of Northern Colorado with a major in Communication. She is a stay at home mom and lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband of 6 years. They were unexpectedly blessed with three children within 4 years, which has kept them on their toes. Bethany has a deep desire to have a strong marriage. She believes a good marriage is a reflection of Christ's love for his believers.

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