Articles by Lyli Dunbar

A life-long educator and mentor, Lyli Dunbar serves as Associate Director of Curriculum and Chair of the Department of Liberal Arts at Trinity International University Florida. She married her Prince Charming in her 40’s and has a heart for encouraging singles in God’s waiting room and connecting with other couples through a weekly small group in her home. Lyli enjoys traveling with her husband, laughing with good friends, and reading a well-written novel in her free time. Connect with Lyli through her blog at or on Twitter.


Get Your Pom Poms Ready

Some days my battle weary husband straggles in the front door with brooding eyes, slumped shoulders, and a defeated countenance. The world beats him up and tosses him around unmercifully. Condemning voices have taken up residence in his head. Negative circumstances and pesky people war against my man and rob him of energy, joy, and…

Holding On

Do you remember your first rollercoaster ride?  Slowly, you inch up and up until only sky surrounds you. You are perched at the top of the world, and the sun shines brightly. Then, all of sudden, your life topples over, and you plummet down fast and hard.  Before you can catch your breath, everything starts…

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