Finding Happy Independence in Marriage

When couples exchange nuptials they probably aren’t thinking about being independent in marriage, but there is a need for independence. Without it, couples can feel stiffed and cramped, and sadly most marriages find the path to independence often through a divorce. Freedom in marriage is necessary, but when freedom is untamed, it can be destructive….


How Devotions Almost Broke Up My Marriage

My wife and I came from very different spiritual backgrounds…and temperaments…and expectations. A bit of the “opposites attract” thing. So of course when we got married the idea of devotionals had totally different meanings for each of us. I was pretty much the straight-forward Evangelical of the crowd: we get up early (like Jesus), we…


Grace Giving

Many people have ancestors they’d rather not talk about. They have a member on the family tree that embarrassed or caused shame on the next generation. This is the fascinating thing about Jesus. He is the only person in history who could choose his lineage. And when you look at some of the people he…

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