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  1. Brenda Slocum

    Love your sweet article. Can’t wait to see your new home and share in spending time with you two.

  2. Chris Ruch

    Thanks for your article Amy. Excellent thoughts and I hope they inspire others to think along the same lines. When we’re blessed with more than we need… it’s awesome if we ask God to use those extras in some way to serve Him and bless others. We prayed much the same thing and God has taken us up on our request multiple times. We’ve adopted my wife’s “Little Sister” (my wife, Jennifer, was a “Big Sister” via Big Brothers, Big Sisters… and eventually found that her “little” went into the foster system…. we then chose to pursue foster/adoption through Bethany Christian Services) and she became our daughter when she was 15 years old. After guiding our adopted daughter through the tumultuous high school years and helped her into adult life, we then felt ready for an additional challenge … hosting exchange students (via AMHomeLife.org)! Our daughter still lives with us (she’s now 24) and we strive to help guide her while also making additional space for short and long term students from countries such as China, Japan and Korea. We’ve also been involved in the “Fresh Air Kid” (freshair.org) project and hosted kids from NY a couple times. Plus of course hosting various church, friend and family parties, small groups, etc. There’s so much life and joy in having people over… I encourage all your readers to think & pray BIG to find out how God might want to use you to bless others. It’s an amazing adventure.

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