Articles by Amy VanSlocum

Amy VanSlocum grew up in rural Alaska 100 miles from the nearest stop light, McDonald's and movie theater. She has lived in Michigan, Montana, New York and has finally settled in northern Colorado. She graduated from Calvin College in 2008 with a degree in elementary education and earned her graduate degree in library science. Amy and her husband, Justin, embarked on their latest adventure, parenthood, in the summer of 2014. In their spare time, the VanSlocum family heads to the mountains to hike or ski.


In the Ring: Learning from Fights

Call them what you want: arguments, fights, disagreements, or United Nations Peacekeeping Summits, every couple has them. The fights may look different: some are filled with a quiet tension while others are loud and explosive. But put two people together and they will have different view and opinions. In our marriage, we’ve found that the…

Potluck Friendships

Justin met Aaron his freshman year of college. They are a testament to the fact that “potluck” (random) rooming assignments can work. After living together during their freshman and sophomore years, they served as dorm leaders their junior year and remained close friends. The summer before their senior year,  I entered the picture as Justin’s…

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