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  1. Melissa

    Laugh your way to a better marriage has a Bible study and several clips are on youtube. Here is a clip to better explain the earning point system! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKhK6i6oXf0

  2. Julie Allen

    As I read the article I suddenly realized I have given my husband only one point, but the good news is, that’s all he needs…Whether he does well at every turn, or occasionally steers me to the edge of an emotional cliff; he still only needs one point.

    This is a man who will drive a 1922 “get-out-and-push” until it dies underneath him, just so I can have a safe, comfortable, late model ride.
    I have to be very careful with what I say, because he listens for my slightest desire (no matter how extravagant), and does his level best to fulfill whatever it may be.
    After 29 years of marriage, I still find him incredibly intelligent, handsome, hard working and fun-loving.
    He always meets and exceeds my expectations, so I guess that’s why he only ever need one point…And no other man can cash-in that point but “HIM”.

  3. Gayle

    Just for the info, from the wife’s perspective, you get no “points” if you say or do something that negates the value of the gift (or act). I.e., if you bring home flowers, and a few minutes later, ask why she didn’t take the trash out– no points. If you did all the above tea party fun stuff, but then made a joke out of the dinner your wife flubbed last week– no points.
    The final point you made in your essay is the most important one: it is a process of getting to know one another better. Gifts and events are a fun way to do that; fights and disagreements are a not-so-fun way to do that. But in either case, the behind-the-scenes motive needs to be the same. There needs to be a compassionate love that really cares and seeks to know the other person. A love that would take the trash out for her, that would keep quiet about her mistakes… That’s where you garner the REAL points. ;)

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