The Special Event Book

When I was a newly wed, my in-laws gave my husband and I a journal. You see, every month they did what they called a “Special Event.” Each one took a turn to plan a special date or event to do with the other. They encouraged us to begin this tradition as well and write down the memories of the event in the journal.

What’s so great about having a special book to record your special events in, is that it reminds you of the magic in romance. Every time you read an entry from previous dates, it showcases the care your significant other gave you and the time they spent in doing something special.

Most newlyweds don’t have a lot of extra money, so it’s also a great way to use your creativity and imagination. All you need to do is focus on spending at minimum an hour alone together – and then just focus on the things you know your spouse enjoys doing. Some can be elaborate, if you want to go “all out.” But most can be simple.

The things my husband and I did for each other ranged from going out to the movies to renting one and pulling the mattress out in the living room. We made cookies and shakes together, and we had a candlelit bubble bath. We danced under gazebos and roamed waterfalls. Whatever it was, we looked forward to that day, knowing it would be focused on fun and our love for each other.

When the little ones started multiplying, it became harder to keep up our special events. And I’ll be honest, there came a point when they became a little obsolete. But I think when your kids are teenagers is a great time to pick up this tradition again. It’s okay to drop it for awhile as long as you still make time to get together occasionally and especially to continue to communicate with one another.

Don’t put pressure on yourselves because you can only be stretched so thin. The time will come, when you can again – do little things for each other.

Do you want to start this special tradition? Just buy a journal and start planning! When you do a special event for your spouse, they are the ones who get to write all about it in the book. It’s so neat to see it from their perspective and feelings!

It’s a special remembrance and a special way to say “I love you.”



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