How Are Those Resolutions Working Out For You?

You know the spiel. January 1… the new day in the new year just in time for the new you. At some point, we have all made resolutions and we start on January 1. We are headstrong and armed with everything we need to execute the list. In short order; however, we grow weary and the term of the new you existence lasts approximately one week, maybe two. Then February begins. Then what? We kick the list to the curb and forget it.

This year, I declared there would be no resolutions. Instead, there would be a constant unfolding, never-ending set of revelations. By definition, a revelation is ‘the act of disclosing’. In application, it simply means the unveiling of a thought, answer or process; an Aha moment; an unction of the spirit…you catch my drift.

How do we develop a money revelation going forward?

  1. Pull out your bank statements and credit card statements from last year. Run down the list of transactions. What jumps out at you? Did Starbucks’ visits equal your electricity bill? Might want to think that over. Did your favorite store seemingly have a to-die-for sale every week? Might need to put a limit on the number of times you frequent those doors.
  2. Review the happy, sad, crazy, unbelievable money moments. Did you get an unexpected bonus or windfall? Did you have a medical bill that insurance didn’t cover? Were you prepared for both ends of the spectrum? What did you learn? How will you be better equipped to handle those situations this year? Each day, week, and month learn how to do it better. Strive to be a conscious consumer and spend with care. Don’t waste what you’ve earned.
  3. Take a look at your retirement plan statement. How did it perform? How much money did you contribute? How much do you expect the company to match? It’s your future income, don’t leave it to chance.
  4. You simply don’t know what you don’t know. Ignorance is not bliss! It’s hard to have a revelation when your working vocabulary is limited. Decide on a plan to become more educated and informed. Learn. Learn. Learn.
  5. Decide to live with gratitude and in abundance. It’s a mindset before it’s a money bank. Begin each day with thanks.

This year, vow to be in the constant state of learning, creating, revising, re-thinking, expanding, reaching, stretching and all the things that make you a better you.

Your evolving mindset should not begin on January 1 and end two weeks later. It should be an on-going, developing-state-of-mind that will take you through this year and beyond.


Deborah is co-writer of the best-selling book, The Secret to Winning BIG, and has been featured in the likes of Forbes, CNBC, FOX, NBC, ABC, and the Wall Street Journal. She is an award-winning financial consultant and helps couples take control of their money life. INC. Magazine named her as one of America's Trendsetters in Health, Wealth and Success and she has been named one of America's Premier Experts. Find out more and follow her on social media at

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