Articles by Audrey Smith

Brought up in a one stoplight town in rural Tennessee, Audrey Smith is using her Bible Belt upbringing to write on Christ-centered marriages. She often uses her husband, Tim, as a guinea pig for her articles—but at least he’s a willing participant. Smith was educated at the University of Memphis, where she studied public relations and sociology. Her hobbies include Naked and Afraid binges, Grubhub surfing, and family hikes. Her greatest joys, however, are Sawyer and Henry, two rambunctious boys who call her “mama.”


Flirting With Danger? Setting Boundaries in Your Marriage

Close your eyes. Think back to your wedding day—the twinkling lights, the taffeta, the first dance, the tears and the laughter, and the heartfelt toasts. Well, unless you’re like my husband and me. We opted for a speedy elopement down at the chapel on base. Still, the day we married was the most incredible moment…

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