Articles by Bethany Stutzman

Bethany Stutzman is a registered nurse who grew up on the mission field in Colombia, South America. Her exposure to the third world has fostered a love in her to serve people in underdeveloped nations and she has been blessed with many opportunities to do so. She recently left her job working for a nonprofit organization whose goal is to provide free healthcare in developing countries to get married, follow her husband to Ireland and pursue an advanced degree in her career. While she is in Ireland, she hopes to continue with her hearts desire of serving people through writing and blogging.

A New Beginning

One of the most beautiful things a person can experience in marriage, relationships, and in life, is forgiveness. When First Corinthians talks about love, it says, love…always protects, always hopes, always trusts and always perseveres.” Since this world is full of imperfection and destruction, there is no way to always do these things without the…

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