Articles by Salina Beasley

Salina is grateful to share her marriage story with Start Marriage Right. As a wife, a mother of three, and a singer, Salina offers a glimpse into life as a worship leader with her husband and an advocate for her son with Autism. She is passionate about encouraging dating, engaged, and newlywed couples. For a more in-depth look at her journey, visit


The “One”

Before I got married, I had three serious relationships on record. The first was a sweet country boy in cowboy boots and wide-rimmed hats. I was 15, and he had a driver’s license and a real job at a convenience store. Whenever I hear “Strawberry Wine”, I picture us parked over the fence of the airport…


Layaway Marriage

Layaway is a rather vintage concept. Visa has made sure of that. But imagine if you agreed to a 30-day layaway plan, and on day 20 you come into a sudden windfall of cash. You arrive at the department store with the intent to collect your long-awaited prize, and the salesperson behind counter says: Are…

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