Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

HoneymoonMost couples I know who have just tied the knot are exhausted! All that wedding planning, decision making and pre-marriage counseling on top of regular work and other commitments…whew! While planning your honeymoon keep in mind that you may want to go somewhere you can simply relax.

Here are a few other things to consider.

First and foremost set a reasonable budget for your honeymoon. Just like your wedding there is no reason to go into debt or break the bank for this trip. Begin discussing potential honeymoon destinations with your fiance well before your wedding so you can research prices and even save specifically for the trip.

If you can’t afford an immediate honeymoon that’s okay! Often you can find fun, and even free, activities in your own city. Think picnic in the park, romantic candlelit dinner at home, free days at museums, a walk by a lake or the ocean. The most important thing is that you’re together and are enjoying time with your new spouse.

Another option is to find out if you or your family know someone who has a time share or vacation home that is going unused; special connections for lower rates at hotels; or unused airline miles they could give you as a wedding present. Or think about swapping houses for a week with a friend who lives in another city or country! They can come vacation in your city, while you enjoy a getaway in theirs.

Activity level
I enjoy traveling to other countries but didn’t want to do so for a honeymoon because I knew I would just want to relax. If I was in a country I’d never been to I would feel obligated to tour around and while I like to do that in general, I didn’t want to do it on my honeymoon. But everyone is different and it’s important to do something that works for both of you.

Some couples have energy levels I can only dream of and would never consider laying on a beach all day. They’d rather be out and about doing activities. Maybe you like the beach for the water sports, or the mountains for hiking, or you want to go somewhere you can sky dive! Take this into consideration and make sure you and your soon-to-be spouse know each other’s activity expectations before booking your trip.

If only one of you likes to do lots of activities make sure to pick a destination that has options for both of you to enjoy.

Travel time
My husband and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. I wanted to go to a place that didn’t include taking a long flight. From where we live Hawaii fit into that category, and it also fit our desired activity level and budget. (A friend connected us with someone who let us use a practically free time share.)

On the opposite end of the travel time spectrum, I have a friend who had a wedding reception that lasted into the evening, then the next morning she had family over while she opened wedding presents. Later that same day she left for her honeymoon and spent 24 hours and several plane changes flying to an exotic locale. All of that traveling the day after the wedding would not be my cup of tea, but if it’s yours, then go for it!

One more thing…
There is one more piece of advice I would give you that I also included in my article 15 Tips For Planning Your Wedding. Consider taking a full day off between the wedding and the honeymoon. Take the day to sleep in, be leisurely and finish packing for your trip. Like I said, you are likely going to be tired after your wedding. Taking a day off before travel can be a major blessing.

Whatever you do, enjoy this new beginning with your spouse!


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