I’ll Keep Falling For You

I kept falling for you after we said “I do” and pledged our lives to one another forever. When we were so young and in love with our entire futures ahead of us, filled to the brim with dreams and giddy expectations.

I kept falling when we bought our first home, imagining the years of memories we would make as we built our foundation on Christ alone.

I kept falling when we welcomed our first child into the world.  When I saw you hold our son for the very first time, I fell in love all over again. Seeing you become a protector, provider, and wiper of our tears is when God reminded me of why He brought us together.

I kept falling for you after we experienced our first major loss in life together. We were reminded that we are better together, hand-in-hand, wiping away one another’s tears.

I kept falling when you stood by my side as I began potentially life-changing medical testing. As you said over and over “I’m by your side, no matter what,” I knew that you were my guy.  You reminded me over and over that God is bigger than any medical diagnosis and can use the storms of life for His good.

I kept falling when I saw you dance with our little girl for the very first time, knowing that you are exactly the kind of man I know she will dream of marrying someday. You are the man I prayed for to raise children with—and raising a family together is a bond like no other.

I keep falling for you, through losses, tears, job changes, growing our family, and making big decisions.

I promise to keep falling through the seasons of changes and unknowns.

I promise to keep falling as our children grow and thrive and no longer demand every second of our attention.

I promise to keep falling when everything seems stacked against us—because God is the center of a thriving marriage and He can help us overcome seasons of uncertainty, seasons of financial stress, and seasons when we rarely have a minute alone.

Marriage is an ever-changing journey with unexpected stops along the way. We must promise that even when it’s hard, we will choose to keep falling in love.

We must choose to attend church together.

We must choose to find some time alone and go on dates.

We must choose to say “I’m sorry” after a fight.

We must choose to do the little things to make one another smile. Write love notes. Send the sweet text message. Drop off a favorite coffee at work just because.

We must choose to always kiss goodbye. Even when one of us is knee-deep in dirty diapers or stressed about what the day holds.

We must choose to be co-pilots in this journey, taking turns driving when the other is completely depleted or keep one another focused when life wants to distract us. When Satan wants to whisper those lies to us about our lives being insufficient or that our marriage can’t withstand the constant challenges.

Marriage is a constant and ever-changing process of progress:

Keep moving forward.

Keep dating one another.

Keep forgiving.

Keep laughing.

Keep winking.

Keep dancing.

Keep kissing.

Keep talking.

Keep seeking God and making Him the center.

Keep falling in love and finding all of the little things to love about your spouse.


Lizzy Christian is a toddler-chasing, coffee-sipping, firefighter wife, and vacuuming enthusiast who has a passion for writing. She is the founder of the Fire Wife Chronicles, which is geared on topics of motherhood, marriage, first responder family life & faith/hope. Lizzy received her undergrad in Crisis Counseling from Liberty University and her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling – Crisis Response and Trauma from Liberty University’s Graduate School. She is a two-time NYC Marathon finisher and avid runner, and former School Counselor and Athletic Director. Lizzy married her high school sweetheart and together they have a son and a daughter. Visit www.lizzychristian.com for additional resources and upcoming projects.

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