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  1. Rachel

    Loved this!!! It’s so true for us as women to worry about the wedding and how we’ll.be as a wife. But the true adventure does start after the big day. I love it! Liked you on Facebook.

    1. Iasmina

      What a beautiful picture of marriage! It is true, the best is yet to come after the big day! Was inspired to create new traditions!

  2. Tangela Williams

    Yes!!!! That’s what I want too. That everlasting love with the one I choose to make my husband.

  3. Delia

    We r a young couple who jst got engaged this past Valentines day and have sought helpful resources…This was such a blessing! Thank you for sharing. If couples could have beautiful strong marriages where our love is based on Gods 1 Corinthins 13 kind of love, we would have a good foundation as a marriage bc everything in each person can change but what will always remain constant is Gods love in us.
    Our dream is also having that loving, happy & healthy marriage where our grandchildren desire to do things right (as were trying to) bc it brings forth great blessings in the short & long run! Not only for the sake of our happiness or 4 others to admire us now or in the future but raather so Christ can b glorified in our relationship whether it be dating, engaged or when we marry, to believers and even more so to non believers. A relationship can have great pleasure but what better pleasure than knowing that we, with our thoughts, words & actions towards each other point others to God when they see us. I pray God uses this great ministry to continue blessing the lives of marriages, engaged couples and even singles as it has blessed me greatly, in Jesus name.
    *In Gods love–Ruben & Delia


  4. janackeh

    wow…excellent article….great reminder to not get caught up in the wedding plans so much that you lose sight of who you are being prepared to be for your spouse for the rest of your lives. well written!

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  5. Georgia

    I am touched by this article as a newly married wife. Thank you for the encouraging reminder.

  6. Georgia

    I follow on facebook also!

  7. Michele

    I agree that the real adventure begins after the wedding day. Sometimes it seems people get to wrapped up in that one day. I think it’s important to concentrate on building our relationship as a couple, to get a good, strong foundation.

  8. Lisa

    Loved this! So true. I follow on facebook also!

  9. ramona

    This story was so amazing and so true in many ways thanks for sharing

  10. adg

    I like this post a lot! My fiance and I also have similar grandparents and aspire to be like them someday! Thank you for sharing and for the tips! :)
    I have “liked” SMR on FB and Twitter.

  11. Alethea

    “…but I’m here to tell you that what you feel on your wedding day is like dipping your toe in an ocean, and with every passing year, you swim farther and farther from the shore, unable, at a certain point, to see anything but water.” I love this. And after 15 years of marriage I can say that it is true. The best is yet to come!

  12. Alethea

    I am now following you on twitter! http://twitter.com/#!/AletheaAnn

  13. Amy VS

    What a beautiful simile of a wedding day to a toe dipping in a deep and vast ocean. I’ve been on the marriage journey for two years now. My wedding day was great, but I’ve other great days (with less stress) and there are many more to come.

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  14. Francesca Mosley

    After 7 years, 4 moves, 3 kids, and lots of “I love you”s and “I’m sorry”s, I’ll always remember my wedding day as just the start of our journey together.

    1. Stephanie Smith

      I love that, Francesca, there are many ups and downs in marriage, apologies and joys, it’s all part of the journey, as you said.

  15. Carolyn A Lloyd

    been married 33 years and remember my wedding day like it happened yesterday :-)

  16. Susanna

    Great article! Thank u!

  17. Lauren

    I completely relate to this! I’ve been married for 5 1/2 years and am amazed that we continue to grow deeper in love! I can’t even imagine what it will be like for our 60th anniversary if we continue to do this right. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Tracy

    What a nice article to send off a bride with such words of blessings. It’s too true that so much preparation is focused on the wedding and the excitement of getting married with very little thought on how to have a successful marriage. A wedding day should be greatly appreciated and forever remembered, along with the reality of what a true marriage is really about beforehand dipping one’s toes in the ocean and finding themselves floating further away from the shore. May all brides out there be properly prepared with the right idealism & tools on how to proceed with a happy & successful marriage. My grandparents were married for nearly 62 years, Grandpa passed away 2 days before 62nd anniversary. My parents just celebrated their 58th anniversary a month ago. I admire such folks who can perservere and still be happy together as a couple.

  19. Molly

    I read “Cold Tangerines” recently and loved it, looking forward to reading “Bittersweet.” So thankful that 3 years after saying “I do,” we’re still saying it and sharing new experiences that we couldn’t do as single people or even appreciate when we stood at the altar!

    1. Stephanie Smith

      That’s awesome, Molly! Congrats on celebrating 3 years of life together, and I pray you’ll have many, many more :)

  20. alyssa booko

    i did not have a brides wedding either time. it was my second ceremony and his fourth. BUT and this is key, after 6 years of marriage, i got saved,( he already was saved) and so this is the first REAL marriage for both of us. sure sure sure you stand before the rabbi and make vows but until you know Christ they are just words. as Followers of Christ marriage became a true commitment. i think that makes all the difference between a life long commitment and a wishy washy one, God. we put HIM first and we honor HIM in our marriage and HE faithfully keeps us focused, eyes to eyes. yes i love my husband more today than i did ten years ago. we have settled into one another like an over stuffed chair and we are comfortable together. but it is the knowing, the knowing that no matter how much we love one week and yes, hate the next, we are in it till death do we part. but the greatest part of all is knowing that death will not part us. we are in this for an eternity.

    1. Stephanie Smith

      Alyssa, thank you for sharing your story! I am so encouraged and blessed by couples like you and your husband, who are committed through thick and thin. I love what you said about having Christ in your marriage, He is the third Person is your marriage holding us all together!

  21. Daniella

    Just perfect! Loved it so much. I’m gonna tweet about it!

  22. amy

    What a beautiful picture of what we should all aspire to in our marriages…making love stories worth telling and living.

  23. Shelley

    Although I’m not married yet, this article is a reminder of my own grandma in her legacy of faithfulness in her marriage that she passes on for generations to come.

  24. Kristy

    I love that in your bio you mention that you walked to Real Food Cafe twice weekly for breakfast when you lived in GR. It totally made me smile! You have to be a GR dweller to understand the greatness of Real Food! :)

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