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  1. RJL

    I love this article, so very true. The drug that comes with infatuation when in an affair is so powerful a weapon that when used by the perpetrator can bring down the best and most otherwise usually rational thinking , sensible and balanced person, because among other things the drug finds the hidden broken places of the soul and falsely guarantees to meet every unmet need for the rest of their life. and even though deep down they know its really too good to be true, the unsuspecting person wants so badly the relief from their misery, he or she WANTS the lie to be true, and believes it. at first he or she may play with fire and think they can control it, but gets caught in the jaws of a nasty bear trap and gets hooked, and thinks they cant get out. then the irrational unlikely behavior sets in, and finds themselves in a fierce addiction to the person who keeps the destructive drug triggered. I think of it as the 2 parties involved are each others drug pusher. sometimes this is tormenting to the individual and sometimes its not., depending on how much conscience is left to work with and how much hardness of heart is involved. I love the appropriate word artificial used in article above, because this drug can make almost any not so mature perpetrator look like some kind of amazing savior type. Manipulators know how to trigger the drug in their target person. which makes an unsuspecting person quite vulnerable, and an easy target. The trauma and devastating destruction this kind of relationship leaves can be very far reaching for a long period of time. Very sad. Sex addiction recovery in appropriate groups brings hope to all the victims involved when Gods grace is finally understood as it was meant to be, and embraced to shatter the deep shame. As u can tell I am not a expert on the subject or anything close to that, but have experienced enough trauma from this whole mess to want to learn and avoid anything like this ever happening again to me or my family.

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