20 responses to “Putting Relationships in Holy Perspective”

  1. jodi

    great article. thank u so much.

  2. Mariza

    Perfectly put! There is no one or anything that can take the place of God, even though we continually try for this to be true. All this side of eternity is broken, Only He is perfect, holy, whole!

  3. Emiko

    Wow. What a great reminder of what our priority should be!

  4. Brian

    Thank you, placing this on my wife Facebook Page to share.

  5. Cynthia Glazier

    This is just what I needed to read today! ‘Setting our hearts on Jesus first protects our hearts and bodies from relationships based only on sex.’ This is something I have been working very hard to do more recently! It is amazing to me some of the situations I have avoided just by putting God first. I have seen what putting matters into my own hands looks like and it ain’t pretty. I really want to give God a try!

    Thank you for this article!

  6. Kay

    This is what I am learning, that God has to fill up my heart…that I cannot depend on a man to do this, then feel bad when a man is unable. Great article.

  7. Margarita

    I truly enjoyed reading your article. Definitely a reminder that God must be placed first and be the center of our marriage! Looking forward to practicing this and see the new levels it wil take my marriage to in a healtny and positive way! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Vola

    thank you so much for posting this. it was encouraging and something that I definitely needed to hear. this is something that i’ve been wrestling and struggling with. God bless

  9. Mia

    Love this article! My fiance and I are trying to prepare for our marriage and this article is among many great resources we’ve come across. This is a topic we discuss a lot because we’re so early in the ‘in-love’ phase of our relationship. We both really want to make sure our feelings for each other don’t take away from our relationship with Christ. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

  10. Christine

    Amazing. Breautifully written!
    Thank you

  11. Andre

    Thanks for the great article! What an important reminder that God needs to be placed before our spouse. Only God can achieve/surpass our expectations of love, fulfillment, forgiveness and adoration, so true! My wife and I just put this into practice today, so thank you!

  12. Erin

    Love this article!

  13. Sarah

    Looking forward to reading more from Sarah. With a name like that she’s definitely a winner in my book :)

  14. Vicki

    Great article. You beat me; it took me almost 14 years to let my husband off that pedestal. What a relief it must have been to him, and how my heart broke that I had so unfairly burdened him for so long. On the plus side, our relationship went to a whole new level after I figured that out. So thankful to God that He sent me a man strong enough to wait for me to figure out that he didn’t need to be!

  15. Jennifer

    Very much needed and appreciated this view. Im guilty of not taking to to GOD before i react and i to have put too much on my husband, when i should have put or given it to GOD ! Thanks again. Jennifer

  16. diana

    I enjoy reading this site. Thank you.

  17. Talia

    just got married in may and trying to find a way to balance this flying newlywed feeling with keeping God in the center. thanks for your article!

  18. Julia

    being a newlyweed I have been trying to get over all the expectations I have for a husband. What it has been doing is creating problems and making my husband feel like he can’t make me happy. This article is great for me thank you soo much I would love to get this book.

  19. jb

    Definitely something I want to work on. I want Jesus to be the center of my thoughts and dreams, not a boy.

  20. jb

    Following on Twitter.

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