These are a Few of My Favorite Things

I have spent a lot of time in the greeting card aisle of many stores. I pour over the cards, reading and re-reading them until I narrow it down to the card that has just the right message to convey my feelings. I do this for each person for whom I buy a card. Every occasion that is marked with a celebration, I feel the need to buy a greeting card.

I know this may sound odd, especially to those of you that see a greeting card for what it logically is: a piece of folded paper that contains heart-felt words or a humorous statement written by a stranger for the buyer to recognize a particular person or event. You aren’t the one who wrote the words, nor did you draw the picture. Perhaps, you have, like many others, questions the need for a greeting card all together.

I, on the other hand, have been known to spend countless time in the card aisle to pick out the perfect card. But the question is: why would I spend so much time, effort and money to find something that many recipients will eventually dispose of? The answer is: because I love receiving greeting cards.

The golden rule tells us to do unto others as we want to have done unto us. We often equate the golden rule with being kind and honest with others, but I think

…we also need to be aware of the positive ways others treat us because that is probably the thing they desire most.

Early on in our relationship, my fiancé, Jacob, noticed my love for greeting cards. He now always buys me cards and takes the time to write in them (which I think is the most important part). What specific thing does your loved one do for you often that you have yet to do for him/her?

Perhaps, like me, your beloved enjoys giving your a particular token and they would enjoy that same type of gift back, such as a greeting card. Do they always go out of their way to make a big deal about other people’s birthdays? Do they love surprising you or others? Do they always take the time to text you good morning or call you to see how your day has been? I think there is a good chance that the person is doing these things for you because this is something that they themselves appreciate.

So I want to challenge you to, over the next month, be very aware of the positive things that your beloved does for you, no matter how small. Take the time to thank them for these blessings and then reciprocate in a similar manner. You might be surprised how excited they will be over the smallest gesture.



Heather M. Bissett is a foster care and adoption caseworker from a small town in Ohio. She earned her bachelors in Family and Consumer Sciences at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. She enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband, Jacob, family and friends. She also treasures her time working in the media department and leading drama ministries at her church. Heather is passionate about helping others, working with children, teens and adults, and sipping Coke Zero as often as possible. Visit Heather on Facebook or Twitter.


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