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Overcoming the Air Ball

Sometimes God throws the perfect layup—a perfect opportunity. We see what we assume is His will from a mile away. We’re grateful and we’re ready to go. Then suddenly, it falls short. And we wonder, What is God doing? What went wrong? A friend of mine’s husband has been without a job for almost three…



Do I make plans without considering the will of God?” Do I make plans without considering the will of God?” As I went to get the milk from the fridge this morning, that question starred back at me from its little page, hung so purposefully with a butterfly-shaped refrigerator magnet. How many times have I…


Planning for the Future

I am a planner. Organization is medicinal for me, and it’s also imperative for my day-to-day functioning. In my defense, my slightly obsessive compulsive planning impulses were birthed out of necessity. Because of some high expectations and aspirations I have placed on my life, I have always juggled way too many tasks in too little…

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