Daring to Dream with Your Spouse

My husband and I talk with each other often about the dreams and desires we each hold in our hearts. Where we’d like to travel. Other countries we’d like to move to. The desire to learn a new language. What we’d like to transition into in the area of work. How we want to help others, and so much more…

We always submit our desires to God and ask Him to make His desires the desires of our heart. And we believe that they are. If they truly are, God will open the door in due time. If not, He won’t.

Dreams Don’t Have to Die
Many people believe that once they become an adult and get married, or “settle down” or “get a real job” or have children, their dreams are forever out of reach. But my husband and I are intentional about supporting each other’s dreams. We partner together in prayer and look for ways to do our part in making those dreams happen.

The support we give each other in this is so crucial. It can’t be one-sided. We both agree to be supportive of the other in this area.

There is a Season to Every Dream
Sometimes for a season our dreams do go on the back burner and they are not attainable for that period of time. But God has given us dreams and desires for a reason and I believe He wants to walk with us in fulfilling those good dreams.

It can be easy to make excuses about why we can’t go after our dreams, but people actually do it every day, and most of us could probably figure out a way to make it happen if we really wanted to, in due season.

One Such Couple
Recently I watched an episode of House Hunters International where a couple from the USA with 9 kids (ages 14 & under) always had a dream to move to Italy and raise their family there.

In the midst of the busyness of life in a suburb in Indiana they remembered their dream and realized if they didn’t act soon, their dream would be just that…a dream that never came true.

So, they decided to sell everything, pack up their family and move to Italy; even on a tight budget. And they are so happy they did it! With that many kids and that busy of a life they had a lot of excuses to bury their dream; and no one would have blamed them if they let the dream die.

But they chose to keep the dream alive and to act upon it.

What Are Your Dreams?
This month I encourage you to take some time to dream again. To remember the dreams that God stirred in your heart once upon a time and to bring them to Him. Then set up a time to talk with your spouse about each of your dreams and heart desires. Talk about them. Dream together. Pray about them. And be open to doing your part in supporting one another to make them happen.

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