Pure Sex

8345828_m-webPure Sex is an interesting idea, nearly foreign to the American mind, yet even further from the American heart. The caption is more likely to grace the cover of a porn magazine than a Christian blog, but nevertheless, here it is. The concept of sex even capable of being pure has all but escaped our culture entirely. The words naughty and dirty have come to be synonymous with sexy revealing our deeper convictions. For this reason, a large portion of our younger generation are led to believe that sex is unclean yet natural, ushering a world of confusion. Why would God create us with such strong sexual desires, yet slap our hand when we utilize those desires? Sounds to me like torture. And having been a teenage male in our American society, I’d be the first to label it so. What I find strange is how differently God described it. After all, it was His idea.

Assessing what I believe to be His most popular invention, God called it “good” (the greatest understatement since creation). And following history’s first marriage, He instructed the eager young couple to get to work. Have fun and multiply. They were free to do it any time and any place. Spend the early hours by a romantic river bank or get frisky in a tree. Morning, noon or night, sex was available. And it was pure sex. It was free of adulterous thoughts and selfish lust. A Jerry Springer-type jealousy was nonexistent and the haunting of one’s past was unknown. The first lady and her strapping groom were unfettered and enjoyed sex as it was meant to be–pure sex.

Until … the cataclysm.

Sin was invited into our world while God was escorted out. Humanity desired to construct its own devices and sex was among the first to be adulterated. Since that time we have continued to use and abuse God’s gift of sex for twisted pleasures and perversions. The evils have only been limited to our vile imaginations. A walk through the mall or ten minutes of television will confirm our obsession. It’s no secret that sex sells, but I believe it’s selling far more than the goods presented. It’s selling a lie about its purpose, power, and ultimately its pleasure. The pleasure proposed is a weak imitation of its original intent, leaving those who’ve tasted only hungrier for authenticity.

Nevertheless, I believe pure sex is still to be had.

A husband and wife are still able to relish in passionate sex as originally intended, free to be frisky and made to multiply. Abstinence can be celebrated every evening on the marital mattress–and every morning for that matter. And even though abstinence in our culture has been ravaged and ridiculed, it remains to be most desired in marriages. The disconnect is perplexing to say the least.

Sex is not dirty. Sex is not naughty. It is, in fact, fantastic and one of the greatest gifts to mankind. For God’s sake and the sake of the next generation, let’s reclaim sex. For too long the Church has surrendered it to the culture to label as they wish. For too long we’ve sat silently with fingers crossed, hoping our children will be immune. For too long we’ve even joined in the sexual charade. But for God’s sake, let’s have pure sex.


Matt Ouellette finds it extremely awkward to write in the third person, but understands the professional nature it can portray. As the youth pastor of Faith EFC in Waterville, Maine, he holds a Bachelors Degree from Boston Baptist College in Biblical Studies with a minor in Education. His witty and contemplative writings (compared to that of Donald Miller) won him a grand prize publishing contract for his soon to be released book, Thoughts That Fell From A Taco Shell (Carmichael Publishing, January 3, 2013). Matt absolutely adores his wife and two daughters and thoroughly enjoys their adventures together. He has found himself to be severely lacking in nearly every area of life and clings to grace with all that he has. Online you can find Matt tweeting on Twitter or writing at his website.

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