Articles by Monique Chambers

Monique serves as her husband's right hand girl in ministry in Toronto, Canada. She believes God has given her a message for the world in which He uses her voice to speak. Monique speaks and writes on the power of the cross- Jesus' death, burial and resurrection; relating these truths to how we see and understand ourselves as women of the 21st century. She enjoys spending time with her family, while snuggling up with her dog Zena.


Am I a Lazy Lover? Questions to Ask in Your Marriage

The butterflies ceased, the kind words of affirmation came to a halt, and those go-out-of-my-way gifts for him dwindled. I didn’t know when or how this happened, but one day I realized we were brother and sister, not friends and lovers. When I was engaged to my husband, I never thought for a second that marriage…

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